A common goal

In June 2015 the Society of Tympanuchus Cupido Pinnatus, Ltd (STCP) entered an agreement with the Sutton Avian Research Center to dissolve their organization and generously gift the proceeds and an extensive scientific collection to the Sutton Center.

Under the agreement, longtime STCP Research Consultant Dr. John Toepfer joined the Sutton Center as the first STCP/Hamerstrom Prairie Grouse Research Chair.

The arrangement also opened four positions on the Sutton Center Board of Directors for former Directors of the STCP organization, the first being: Jeff KenkelCharles Newling, Russell Schallert, Greg Septon. They, along with continuing members of the Sutton Center Board, will continue to direct the growth of the Sutton Center while also striving to ensure that the legacy of the STCP remains a guiding presence.