Feed from Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge near Vian, Oklahoma

Mobile device-friendly stream here.

March 22, 2018: There are some technical problems with the camera equipment. Unfortunately, the problem is up in the tree, and we cannot fix it while birds are in the nest, so the camera will likely be offline for the rest of the season. Barring a bad storm that damages the nest tree, the birds should be fine from this point forward.

The second chick hatched late on the 11th or early on the 12th of February. Here are two photos.

The first chick hatched on the evening on February 8. Here is a picture of the chick on the 9th of February.

Here are a couple of images from December 19 and 20, 2017. The first egg may have been laid around the end of the year.

Feed from Sooner Lake north of Stillwater, Oklahoma

  • not available

Notes from last year’s nesting season at Sequoyah NWR:

1 May 2017: The staff at the refuge thinks the eagle has left the nest, although it is likely still returning once in a while. Local flooding has prevented reaching the area of the nest to work on the video equipment.

24 April 2017: Weather has caused some video equipment problems which we are investigating. In the meantime, enjoy this video of the chick reaching its “branching” stage of development, when it first leaves the nest for a nearby branch as it learns to use its wings.

17 April 2017: The chick stretches its wings and spends more time alone in the nest now that it is older.

29 March 2017: This photo from two days ago shows a young (one-to-two-year old) eagle swooping in near the nest while both resident adults were present. One resident adult immediately chased the intruder away in defense of the nest and territory.

15 March 2017: The downy gray eaglet is rapidly changing into an older chick with dark brown body feathers starting to come in. A steady diet of fish and birds supports the rapid growth and feather development. Here, the female feeds the chick an afternoon meal.

The eaglet stretches its wings as flight feathers begin to grow.

1 March 2017: The nest offers a commanding view of the refuge. The chick is growing!

The adult leaves the nest for a short while.

21 February 2017: Warm temperatures allow the chick to be left unattended for a short time. The adult soon returns with a clump of additional nest lining material in its talons, and proceeds to arrange the nest lining over and around the chick for insulation.

20 February 2017: Time for a meal of fish!

The whole family at the nest:

17 February 2017: The weather has improved for the eagle family since Valentine’s Day. This photo shows an adult with the chick at feeding time on a warm, sunny day.

14 February 2017: The second egg is not likely to hatch. Here, a soggy adult helps keep the young chick warm and dry on a rainy Valentine’s Day.

10 February 2017: The first egg has hatched! The stimulation provided by the hatching process compelled the male to begin bringing food to the nest. Here you can see a fish and an American Coot in the nest, along with the chick and the remaining egg.

Here, the first chick is peeking out at the chilly morning! The remaining egg can be seen behind the bill of the adult.

Please click to enjoy this collection of “greatest hits” images from Sequoyah NWR in previous seasons.

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  1. Hyland62 says:

    Am I the only one who can’t access the old “message board” ????

  2. Jeremy Ross says:

    With the new website design, it was critical to have a sign-in for the chat/comment option on this page. We’re still working out the kinks, but please feel free to email me at ROSSJD@OU.EDU if you are having troubles logging in. If you need access to the archived chat, we could see if we could post that information in some form on the new site.

    • Hyland62 says:

      No, that’s not necessary! I had it marked as a “favorite” to log in for years, but was hit with an “error” so…..
      I assume I’ll be touching base with everyone on the old chat site soon! I assume this will be the new “chat area”, LOL?
      Site looks great though !

    • Steve Doty says:

      Hi I’m confused on chat. I just commented at it jumped way down the line. None of the comments are in order???? Help.

      • CurbGirl says:

        Hey Steve! Above the comments box on the Right hand side is a “Sort By” function…If you select Sort by Newest, it will put your comments in sequence!

  3. CurbGirl says:

    Well, this IS exciting! Off to tour the new look of the website!

  4. Hyland62 says:

    Hey Curb Girl ! It’s me, Fay ! This is real exciting, ITA! Now, to await the eagles, and the rest of the Sutton Eagle peeps!

    • CurbGirl says:

      Hey back at you, Fay! I was off looking at the tracking maps. I’m hoping that the archived maps will still be available but, as always, I am so-o happy with Sutton! (edit) wait until LKK gets back…she’ll be surprised!

      • Hyland62 says:

        LOL I’ve not had a chance to even look at the archived maps, but until I get my new glasses, I’m not gonna see a thing anyway! Yep, I hope everyone figures it out. I don’t have any email addresses, other than “okememe”, so……. Is LKK in my neck of the words (Vermont) visiting her son?

  5. Steve Doty says:

    Hi gang, yes trouble on old site???? What’s up.??

  6. Steve Doty says:

    still right now only Seq.

  7. Hyland62 says:

    Yeah, me too, but this morning, Seq and SL WC’s were both up!

  8. kansaskaren says:

    Hello, a newbie here..wanted to share that I saw an adult on the perch above the nest a couple of hours ago. Sorry, I didn’t note the time. That camera not up now.

    • Steve Doty says:

      Great I missed it and welcome to Sutton site.

      • kansaskaren says:

        Thanks, Steve. I’m new to the Disqus way & Sutton message board.
        The new Sutton site looks pretty clean. Looked at the eagle tracking & liked it.

  9. Steve Doty says:

    Hey got both cams, No eagles. Is the chat going to be the way it is now? below the cams

    • Hyland62 says:

      I guess so Steveo…. I kinda like it – I have a few sites on Disqus, so this part is not new to me. Just the entire Sutton website is new! Yay!

      • Steve Doty says:

        What is Disqus anyway. New to me. So far I’m not understanding this chat. I comment and it ends up down the line with others 2 hours ago.????

        • sallou says:

          I am thinking disqus must be related to twitter somehow. I don’t remember ever signing up for it nor using this chat handle except twitter.

    • Hyland62 says:

      Oh, and in case you didn’t see it – I’m “Fay” but my Disqus name is the “Hyland62” in memory of my brother….

  10. kansaskaren says:

    I have both now, too. No clue about the chat, I’m new here.

    • Hyland62 says:

      Well hey kansaskaren! Welcome! This is the new chat area it seems! We’re waiting to see if the eagles will start another family this season!
      My name is “Fay” but others call me “WickedRed”, or some other naughty names, LOL!

  11. Steve Doty says:

    No body around with the new site?? Hoping all will find this spot.

    • Hyland62 says:

      kansaskaren was here and Curb Girl earlier. I think when everyone goes to Sutton’s old link, they will get to this new site, Steve…

  12. Steve Doty says:

    So far I’m very confused on chat. It doesn’t seem to go in order when you type in a comment. It’s all over the board. I do like the spell check. Hi CurbGirl.

    • Hyland62 says:

      Steve-on the right side top of message board, you can sort by “newest” and “oldest”…. It’s a lot different I agree, but it will be nice I’m sure !!!!

    • apfiorillo says:

      and if you click on the red bubble next to your name on the right above the chat you can get a screen that shows replies made to posts you made. We use the Disqus platform for the Service Dog Project chat as well. It works pretty well – until it doesn’t which happens from time to time.

  13. Hyland62 says:

    Yay ! Two eagles @ SL – and they look cozy !!!!!!!!!!!! Come on you two – get cracking on that nest LOL!

  14. CurbGirl says:

    Nice view of stars on SL wide cam—hope to see all the crew here soon, on cam and on chat!

  15. Steve Doty says:

    Been watching the Cubs. Dark now. see you for a bit early tomorrow. Grand daughter needs family to visit. Not homesick but. Off we go. Parents said you’d drive 3.5 hours just to have lunch and take her shopping. You bet we would. LOL SED.

  16. apfiorillo says:

    hi everyone – MaggiesMom here. I must have had a Disqus account from somewhere else – but I’m clueless as to where. Site looks nice! Now for some eagles tomorrow!

  17. Steve Doty says:

    Hello early morning. I’ve got SL but not Seq. unless to dark there. No eagle on SL tower. Have a Blessed Sunday and we’re off to to see GD soon.

  18. apfiorillo says:

    I’ve got them both Steve – but no eagles – have a lovely day

  19. apfiorillo says:

    It’s really nice not having to refresh the page every time you post! Or if you want to see if someone else has posted.

  20. Hyland62 says:

    GM all ! I have Seq WC but not SL, LOL! Always have to be contrary, huh Steve ????

    • apfiorillo says:

      Hi Fay! good to see you back – I guess I am the lucky one with both cams.

    • apfiorillo says:

      and a question for you – I had a friend whose last name was Hyland who came from somewhere near Sturbridge. Her brother took over the family orchard there. She ended up in Maine. Any relation?

      • Hyland62 says:

        Hyland Orchards? Sure, I know of them. But, no relation, MM!
        Sturbridge is very close to me, so I am pretty sure I’d know if we were related.. It’s not very common in these areas, but it seems there are a few more than my family tree! My branch is from the Brookfields in MA, and didn’t seem to stray far from the area.
        Nice to “end up” in Maine, yes?

        • apfiorillo says:

          that’s the place – and yes, I love Maine – have a huge amount of family up there too!

          • Hyland62 says:

            LOL, I don’t have family in Maine, but I have many good friends who are as close as family, and I make sure I “visit” them frequently, if you catch my drift …..
            Have a good day MM and all ! Off to church on a “cold” morning!

  21. Mamafrog says:

    This is interesting

  22. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I am hoping I am on the old message board

  23. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    That looks like rain on Seq camera and I don’t have SL yet.. .this new site is fantastic and just think..it only took me 2 days to get here.

  24. kansaskaren says:

    hi n bye, quick check in…
    SL went away, Seq isn’t great.
    I’ll be back

  25. Hyland62 says:

    Wow, that looks like frozen ice @ Seq…. Hey it’s cold here in MA, but I thought it was only this area! Brrrrr !

  26. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I’ll join but gotta go check the donkey at maretare..

  27. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I sure would like to know what that is on the Seq cam.

  28. Mamafrog says:

    Eagle on the crossbar at Sooner

  29. LKK8 says:

    Must be condensation on the Seq cam ,it was nice weather we stopped by on the way home today.. No eagles at the tree but did see a juvie farther into the refuge. Getting dark but I see no eagles at SL.Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers.

  30. Steve Doty says:

    Good night. Cubs lost again. Today was a grand day with Grand daughter. Shopping, visiting, eating at Applebee’s, more shopping, buying cupcakes and ate them on the river bank, took her back to her dorm., Pam and I stopped at the Amana Colonies on the way home. Ended a beautiful day. No eagles spotted all day. LOL

  31. sallou says:

    Beautiful new sit GMSARC! Thank you for keeping this page available! No eagles at the moment.

  32. sallou says:

    Only have the tower cam at sooner, nest cam is black and seq stream not found. Have a great day folks!

  33. apfiorillo says:

    I have both cams – but no eagles – and the big blue square

  34. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning, going to be around 80 today and rain tomorrow. Cam at Seq. messed up real clear at SL. no eagles.

  35. Barbara Gibson says:

    Well this is certainly different, not sure about how to post comments. Hope this works. No eagles!

  36. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    got both nests now.. no eagles but pictures.. pretty page to look at but takes some getting used to.Alright Sutton,we can do this..

  37. Steve Doty says:

    GM only Seq. right now. BG it is different for sure. Out to do some cleanup.

  38. kansaskaren says:

    Do you suppose someone sprayed the lens with something like wasp spray?

    • Steve Doty says:

      I’m sure it wasn’t that. every once in awhile the cams get water in them. It will be taken care of soon. Both cams up now for me no eagles.

  39. sungerbob says:

    Thanks! Realy interesting my favorites gril games http://www.kizoyunlarim.com/

  40. Hyland62 says:

    Evening all ! Weird stuff STILL on the Seq cam? It looks like frozen ice to me – like I get on my side mirrors of my car in the winter ! Oh man…. Is winter coming – again ?????

  41. Hyland62 says:

    Oh ! Eagle on xbar @ Sooner ! Yay ! Where’s your mate ????

  42. Hyland62 says:

    Jeez…. I’m all messed up now ! Seq cam is all clear but getting dark out, and I can’t get the SL cam anymore, LOL!
    SMF !!!

  43. LKK8 says:

    Hubs and I waved at you guys yesterday from in front of the outhouse at Seq but I see now you wouldn’t have seen us. The hikers thought we must have been nuts and off they went.LOL

  44. Steve Doty says:

    NO cam at SL since early this morning. RATS. Well Fay we’ll believe (maybe)> LKK did you see any eagles in the area?? Off to watch the Royals and whatever. SED till who knows when.

  45. Hyland62 says:

    I did Steveo ! I saw an eagle! Really and truly, LOL!

  46. Hyland62 says:

    Well dang ! Too dark to see a darn thing! But, no alien flashing @ SL either…. Perhaps the eagles spent the night @ SL ??

  47. apfiorillo says:

    morning all! two cams – no eagles

  48. Steve Doty says:

    Rats again just SL no Seq. no eagles.

  49. lrg2192 says:

    Hello everyone, Just Seq. opened, just checking to see if I got in.

  50. Steve Doty says:

    HI Irg yep you’re here. All are trying to get this new set-up.

  51. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I don’t see SL yet but Seq is looking good.. I wonder if any action at the nest there? Would like to see it,maybe Lucky the squirrel is storing nuts ??

  52. lrg2192 says:

    Good Morning, Seq opened up earlier, now SL wide angle is open.

  53. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Yea!! it is getting time for some visiting to really start..

  54. lrg2192 says:

    For sure, was wondering if anyone could see my comment, thanks.

  55. okmeme says:

    Well, this is a surprise. Hope I’ve signed on right. 2 cams up and that’s good news. Now let’s see if I can post this.

  56. lrg2192 says:

    You did good, just got on myself, had some probs, but always do, good to see ya okmeme.

    • okmeme says:

      Great to see everyone. I just hope I can get on and off now, and of course see some eagles sooooooon!

  57. Steve Doty says:

    GM okmeme and Irg.and LKK.and Pat. Yes we made it. 2 cams up but no E’s. Off to church for our sr. Pot-luck. Fun times. Later.

  58. LKK8 says:

    Have some good fellowship there ,Steve. Will be going to Mom’s today for chicken and dumplings.Yum

  59. okmeme says:

    How in the world did you get pictures on here, Steve? Did you go thru facebook. I signed into Disqus. Seems to be working okay so far but I’m not good with changes…LOL

  60. okmeme says:

    Anyone know what “Dismiss” in the right corner of chat means? Is that how you log out? Confusion…

  61. lrg2192 says:

    I edited my profile and put in a picture, but lost all my comments, oh well, needed to go anyway, LOL, have a good day everyone.

  62. lrg2192 says:

    How does one log off on here, does anyone know?

  63. Steve Doty says:

    Press on your name and a list comes up one is to log off. Gee I found that. LOL

    • lrg2192 says:

      Thanks Steve, you would think if I found profile, I could find log out, told you I needed help, LOL.

  64. apfiorillo says:

    Disqus is used for all of Explore’s sites – not just Katmai. You get to your Profile by dropping down the arrow next to your name (which is on the right just about the typing box). That’s also where you logout. The little red circle next to your name will take you to a list of all the responses to your posts. Which at the Service Dog chat on Explore is a good thing – because there are way more posts than here. Thankfully Sutton did not opt for the flag option – we don’t have too must trouble with trolls so we don’t need it – and it’s easy to hit by mistake.

  65. apfiorillo says:

    and it’s really nice not to get cut off mid-sentence they way we used to be. Only Seq for me at present but Sooner will eventually come back to life I suppose.

  66. apfiorillo says:

    And for some reason I do not see the Dismiss thing OKmeme is talking about.

  67. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    now y’all have me looking for it and not finding it.. drat and lol

  68. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    hey,guess what, I went to the end of sentence space and just moved my mouse around and an arrow and a minus showed up.. maybe that is to wipe out what you said or whatever..

  69. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    O Glory,eagle just flew up and landed on SL bar.. Happy to see you sir or madam!!

  70. Hyland62 says:

    Hey Hey Hey ! Very cool – slowly but surely everyone is finding their way to Oz !!! No eagles though…. Patr was fibbing, I just KNOW it !

  71. Hyland62 says:

    And yes, we do have a “flag” to report inappropriate comments – i.e. trolls…. At the end of each message, you can hover your mouse and a little flag will appear… A little “minus” sign is so you can collapse the messages….

  72. Barbara Gibson says:

    I would like to know what was wrong with the way we used to post. It was much easier. I have not seen an eagle yet!

    • Steve Doty says:

      What do you mean easier?? Had to refresh evertime you made a comment and you didn’t know when to stop talking. ummm. LOL 1 cam so no E’s to see.

  73. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Hey Fay, just cause it is new here doesn’t mean the white coat people couldn’t find it and I am a tattler..lol

  74. Hyland62 says:

    Oh dang, Patr, I was soooooooooooooo hoping no one would bring that up!! But, since I drive the white coat ambulance, I guess I’m not too worried…. Now, as for the rest of you? Bwahahahahahahaha!

  75. Steve Doty says:

    1 cam getting dark. No white coats yet. They’ll show up. Off to watch the Cubs and NCIS. SED’s

  76. okmeme says:

    Just checking in one more time tonight. DON’T confuse me Fay. Is that you “Hyland62?”

  77. Barbara Gibson says:

    Do you have to sign in every time. That’s what I have to do.

  78. Barbara Gibson says:

    Are you saying I’m long winded? If so, I am not the only one. Where are the Eagles???

    • Steve Doty says:

      I sure won’t comment on that. Heee Heee. Well the Cubs lost again and now have to win 4 in a row. Still love em. SED’s

  79. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    good morning Eagle Watch for-ers..

  80. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning with 2 cams. new word, thanks Pat. Eagle Watch for-ers.

  81. apfiorillo says:

    good morning all – two cams – looks grey at Seq – no eagles

  82. kansaskaren says:

    hello all,
    I’ve never figured out what we are looking at on the Seq cam.
    Nice to see 2 views this morning

  83. kansaskaren says:

    camera view on sooner lake, but it’s a still shot

  84. Steve Doty says:

    Still just Seq. for me.

  85. Steve Doty says:

    Well Well I was going to count to 10 and yell. Don’t have to SL came up now. No E’s.

  86. apfiorillo says:

    I have two cams but they are frozen – and no eagles

  87. kansaskaren says:

    guess i’ll go check the tracking….

  88. apfiorillo says:

    ooh a car drove by at Seq with its headlights on – I thought the cam had frozen – it’s been dark here for ages and ages

  89. apfiorillo says:

    ringo at SL

  90. Steve Doty says:

    Car just went by Seq. and SL has ringo. Going to watch Cubs try to win at least one game. SED’s.

  91. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    oh my gosh,I just checked in and there was a BIG eagle on SL.. cam was frozen and I refreshed and of course the cam didn’t come back..
    cry cry

  92. Hyland62 says:

    Ah geez…. A bright blue square is all I have tonight….. Hey okmeme ! Yes, Hyland62 is my Disqus name from years ago. As Steveo said, in honor of my brother. Don’t feel like changing it – too many sites use Disqus that I chat with…

    • Steve Doty says:

      Hey Fay I’m new to this Disqus site thing. What other sites use it?? In my short time on sites I’ve never seen it. Thanks. Good Night.

      • apfiorillo says:

        Explore uses Disqus, Steve – so the Katmai Bears, Service Dog Project, a whole host of others. And sometimes there are problems with it but not too often. This configuration is slightly different from Explore’s but basically the same.

  93. Steve Doty says:

    1 cam this morning. Seq.

  94. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Lots of action at Seq , wonder i the nest is occupied? and no SL yet..drat..

  95. okmeme says:

    Good morning. only Seq. cam for me also. Wherever the eagles are now, shouldn’t they be working on nests? I have a feeling that we won’t know.

  96. Barbara Gibson says:

    Only 1 cam for me too and no eagles!

  97. Steve Doty says:

    We are all the same RATS. 1 cam. just put 3 loads of compost on my garden and now to to till it in. We get it free from the city.

  98. Steve Doty says:

    Question, what is the recommend button do.?? Says I’ve got 7 on it.

    • apfiorillo says:

      recommend button exists for us to say we support this site. When I hit the heart it will turn red and the number will change to 8 . So 7 of us eaglenuts have hit the heart so far!

  99. Barbara Gibson says:

    I would like an answer to that too Steve, I have 7 also??

    • CurbGirl says:

      I believe it is a Disqus thing. When you click on the grey heart you tell Disqus the you recommend this chat and the heart on your page turns red. I have no clue what Disqus does after that.

    • Steve Doty says:

      Guess I’ll hit it and see what comes up. Later off to exercise after all my garden tilling.

  100. Barbara Gibson says:

    Oh well, I haven’t seen an eagle anywhere. I’m going to clean house:(

    • LKK8 says:

      Don’t get too drastic BG, a light dusting should be enough.LOL

      • Barbara Gibson says:

        I wish that was all I needed to do, have a cast on right wrist from an old break that was mis-diagnosed, and I can’t do all I need to do. Oh well that’s the breaks, pun intended….LOL

  101. Steve Doty says:

    2 cams no eagles here. BG been seeing eagles at E4K’s, both Flor. sites, Delta eagle cam. Gotta go exercise after all the tilling I’ve been doing in the garden. Later.

  102. apfiorillo says:

    well finally I have two cams but no eagles. If only my darling husband would stop messing with our internet!

  103. kansaskaren says:

    2 views, no eagles……yet!

  104. LKK8 says:

    Cub at Katmai in distress, they said it staggered and fell yesterday, still breathing shakes head some but no other movement. Very sad.

  105. Barbara Gibson says:

    i Guess I’m not looking at the right time Steve. I did see Juliet and the WSBE, but that’s it and nothing here!!

  106. Hyland62 says:

    Hey ya’ll ! No eagles !!! Dang it all….. Steve, Disqus is more of a community blog per se…. You can “make your own” Channel (s) or you can just start a blog conversation. It’s not anything I would do-I don’t do Facebook or any other things like that. But you might want to check out Disqus further. You may just want to start a blog/channel !

  107. Steve Doty says:

    2views but NO E’s at this time. Hit recommend and it did nothing. Oh well later. grill time. Pork steak.

  108. Steve Doty says:

    Eagle at the Pritchett site in Flor. and 2 at NE Flor. eagle site.

  109. LKK8 says:

    Last of the dusk ,I can see the little blinky light. Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers

  110. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    hoping for eagles appearing tomorrow..

  111. Steve Doty says:

    GM 1 cam . Rain up here in Iowa. HAGD. SL just came on no E’s there. but a bunch of Black Birds on sticks in the background. 2 E’s working on Decorah nest this morning.

    • LKK8 says:

      It’s a real thrill that Decorah pair are using the new location, started by man. I hope the same happens at WhiteRock.

  112. dmr says:

    Are those new large sticks at Sooner Lake?

  113. Barbara Gibson says:

    Thought I would try earlier today, but still no eagles here. Berry eagles supposed to be on line, going to check. BBL

  114. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    glad you mentioned large sticks ,DMR, I thought something looked different last couple of days and thanks to kansaskaren’s screensnap, it sure appears so..

    • dmr says:

      If ever a nest needed some more big sticks this is it! Wonder if a different pair decided to make the addition?

  115. Barbara Gibson says:

    Yay! Berry cam is on an has an eagle on nest now!

  116. Barbara Gibson says:

    Eagle Valley, WI has an eagle too, so activity has started, now where are ours??

  117. Barbara Gibson says:

    Wow I have hit the jackpot today,eagles are really busy, but not here. Sutton if you have any info, will you please share with us!!!

  118. okmeme says:

    Can someone give me the info to get to Decorah. I’ve lost it somehow…just the kind of thing I do. TY

  119. LKK8 says:

    I have 2 cams just no eagles:( Do see some small birds perched on the snags.

  120. Barbara Gibson says:

    Sun going down, and no eagles. SED and goodnight!

  121. Steve Doty says:

    Wouldn’t load chat till now. Friday night fun time boys 4-2 over the girls in 500. SL still seen with the moon and blinking light. See no E’s on tower. Good night all.

  122. Hyland62 says:

    Aren’t the nests being mentioned more north than Sutton? Which is why maybe they are already starting their nest preparations already? I think I remember Sutton saying at some point in time, that OK eagles start later in the “eagle season than other nests, based on their more southern location?
    Oh who knows, LOL! It’s too early to even think! And only shining stars @ SL !!!

    • Steve Doty says:

      Good Morning Fay and welcome Billy. Decorah, E4K’s, Berry, are north plus a couple others. Yes SL was pretty last night. This morning 2 cams with birds all over the snags. Enjoy your day everyone.

  123. billybagpants says:

    Well new page ,just need some live streaming .

  124. lrg2192 says:

    Good morning everyone, both Seq and Sl loaded, nothing going on tho.

  125. Barbara Gibson says:

    GM Irg billy Steve, and Hyland62, been roaming, caught glimpses of E’s, but none in nests. Sure would be nice to know if any eagle is going to nest here!

  126. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Well,I miss the notification part from Sutton. I wonder where they will put stuff they want us to pay attention to??

    • Steve Doty says:

      Pat I don’t think there was anything from the Sutton group. We were asking ourselves where it would be. Hyland below was just talking about nests. We are all on wait and see. 1 cam for me now.

  127. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    woohoo.. an eagle has landed SL..

  128. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    seems to be having a late lunch..sure is nice to watch,so now I can wish for the close up cam.. never satisfied ,huh??

  129. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    second eagle showed up,ran off, first came back..a least there are!! 2 in the area.. yea

  130. Mary Pawson says:

    Hi eagle lovers!! Finally got on but no cams. Using an iPad. Any suggestions? Good to see all of your comments. Oh, this is MaryVA

  131. LKK8 says:

    NURTZ ,I missed the eagles. Like patr said at least we know they are in their territory. Hi Ya Mary VA.

  132. Steve Doty says:

    NURTZ right with you LKK. Hey MaryVA Glad you found the “new” comment and cams. No SL and dark at Seq. off to do something. SED’s

  133. Steve Doty says:

    Good news for me SL is on and very visible. No E’s on the tower. See ya tomorrow.

  134. Hyland62 says:

    Very sad news about the Stillwater Parade… How something so traditional, lively and fun can turn so deadly, so fast. I had a very odd thought when I heard of the deaths…. They are now flying free with their OK eagles…..Catch those thermals and be happy ! RIP and to the injured – fast recovery…..
    Just have Seq WC but right this moment, it’s a gorgeous skyline. Nothing but “blue” @ SL…..
    Be safe and HAG Sunday !

    • Steve Doty says:

      Good Morning Fay, We were talking about that on FB yesterday. So many lives are gone and sadness all around. Just Seq. cam. Blessed Sunday to all, off to church.

    • LKK8 says:

      Yes, it is a horrific event for OSU and Okla.Thhis campus has has more than it’s share of tragedy, with two plane crashes and now this.Prayers for the victims and their families healing.

  135. Barbara Gibson says:

    So terrible what happened at the parade and pray for the families who lost loved ones and also pray for the injured.
    Only Seq. cam.

  136. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    my computer notifies me that a hard disk is going out and to not use computer till fixed.. but I never heard of this and want to see eagles..

  137. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning. Home from church and a ride around a couple of parks and streets looking at all the beautiful colors. Only Seq. cam right now.

    • kansaskaren says:

      Hi all, during my “ride-around” yesterday, I saw family of 3 deer, first geese of the season, also 1st ducks, a heron, and 1 eagle! Have been watching multiple eagle cams, and now it’s looking like the local pair will be in the area sooner than I thought. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Came to edit post, SL & Seq cams are up now.

  138. kansaskaren says:

    Eagle on the nest! 14:31

    • kansaskaren says:

      14:41…it’s been 10 minutes, and it’s still there. Looks like it’s eating.
      Everyone, come see!

  139. kansaskaren says:

    Had to “refresh” and when I got back, no Sooner Lake cam.

  140. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well,squat!! I missed eagle today..I begin to think it comes in to eat at about 2:00 or 3: somewhere in between.. ok,I can set my schedule..lol

  141. okmeme says:

    Well, another squat! I missed eagle today…and yesterday. I need to ck more often. Lots of prayers being said in OK for victims of drunk driver at Stillwater yesterday. Still 4 in critical condition according to news this morning.

  142. Steve Doty says:

    Blaaa blaaaa eagle at SL. where where. No eagle now and I have SL cam. I come often and at many times with no SL cam.. lucky for you Karen. Back out to work around the yard. 68 and sunny.

  143. Steve Doty says:

    Hail Hail the gang is home.. Ma and Pa on the tower, My turn to see them. Can life tonight be any better. Hope others sneak in and will catch them. Back out till dark. Later.

  144. apfiorillo says:

    OMG – eagles side by side on the bar!

  145. apfiorillo says:

    it is beautiful at SL right now – just glowing!

  146. apfiorillo says:

    I bet that’s mom on the outside – she’s larger

  147. Steve Doty says:

    MM so glad you see them as well. SL lake looks so peaceful tonight. Just went on a 5 mile bike ride with a neighbor. Just in time now to finish outside and take garbage out. We’ll see how long they stay. SED’s

  148. LKK8 says:

    Me Me, I finally have seen Ma and Pa together at the tower.

  149. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I am so glad to be here at this time.. there is mom and pop eagle, well it appears to be pop on left and mom on right.. being there this late, I would suspect they are going to spend the night. This is so wonderful.. and a beautiful evening it is…

  150. kansaskaren says:


  151. Steve Doty says:

    Good Monday to all. Only Seq. at this time for me. Maybe SL has to warm up. Making a BIG pot of Chili for our meal tonight at our men’s homeless shelter. I’ll be in and out.

  152. apfiorillo says:

    no SL for me either. Wonder why it is so intermittent?

  153. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    SL is here now,but nada to eagles.. guess they just hid out last night and then went their merry way/

  154. apfiorillo says:

    aah! now I have SL! but no eagles

  155. Steve Doty says:

    Hey gang I’ve got SL also, empty.

  156. kansaskaren says:

    What browser is everyone using?
    I only have Seq ….again. No eagles. ๐Ÿ™

    • Steve Doty says:

      I use Firefox but I don’t think that is the problem. Off to our meal for the homeless men.

      • kansaskaren says:

        Mozilla/Firefox isn’t working at all for me. I did upgrade to Win10 on this laptop, so maybe that’s the issue & not the browser.

    • apfiorillo says:

      Karen, if I remember correctly these cams – certainly the tower cam at Sooner – are powered with solar panels – so if it’s been cloudy it can take hours for them to power up in the morning – but right now I can still see SL even though it’s long past dark – no eagles though

  157. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    sl has an eagle. seems to be eating ..I think..

  158. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning SL and Seq. cams. Aren’t you so beautiful this morning. Even though there are no eagles at SL you are awake,. Wake up chatters.

  159. apfiorillo says:

    Seq is fine – SL is ringo – c’mon sun, do your thing!

    • Steve Doty says:

      Good morning. this time both are black. ?? never know.

    • Steve Doty says:

      My chili is like a dump cake. chili beans, red kidney beans, white beans, tomato soup, pork and beans, onions, green peppers, tomatoes (from my garden), some tomato juice, ketchup, chili powder if you like, red crushed peppers, oh hamburger. As you can see whatever you like. Mix and simmer to get the flavor. We had veggies and cinamon rolls to go along with the chili. Main thing enjoy.

  160. apfiorillo says:

    aah, finally I have SL! but no eagles and the white pickup is at Seq once again.

  161. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I finally got Sl to pop in also..strange how it is working this year.. no eagles right now,but I got to see one here yesterday so they are in the area busy-ing around..

    • Steve Doty says:

      My SL not coming up again. Thanks for update. Ah refreshed and refreshed and got SL this time. You’re right no E’s. LOL

  162. okmeme says:

    I’ve just refreshed 3 times and cannot get SL. Guess I’ll turn off and back on.

  163. okmeme says:

    That worked, I can see SL now but no eagles so I’ll check back later. Oh, btw Good Morning to Everyone!

  164. Barbara Gibson says:

    GA everyone, as I can see there are no eagles again, so back to work!

  165. Steve Doty says:

    Well still no SL cam, headed downstairs for news and get ready to watch a little World Series. Go Royals.

  166. apfiorillo says:

    a dim SL and a foggy looking Seq – no birds

  167. LKK8 says:

    Eagle on the tower at SL, it’s down in the nest [may be eating]

  168. billybagpants says:

    nice to see some activity at Sooner

  169. LKK8 says:

    Hang on eagle, wind picking up at SL ,starting to see some small white caps.

  170. Steve Doty says:

    Gee thanks, you all scared the eagle away. LOL Good Morning. Windy (very) up here, cold, misty and just plain yucky. ***Opps*** I must be so sweet the eagle returned to eat some more. Off to get a haircut. Later.

  171. LKK8 says:

    Lets not over state Steve, lets just say eagle returned.ROFL.

  172. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Such a great day..we all get to see the eagle at SL. Now we all know it has been here. I would like to see the 2 atogether so I could dream they are considering the site for a home nest..

  173. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    and so it appears I get to see the 2 ./.. fantastic.

  174. Steve Doty says:

    Seq. cam and SL with one E on the X-bar. 2nd E came in.

  175. apfiorillo says:

    two eagles on the bar! what a great day!

  176. okmeme says:

    Morning. Well, wouldn’t you know it, everyone seeing eagles at SL and all I can get there is a twirley. I’ve refreshed but I’ll keep trying for awhile.

  177. LKK8 says:

    Both cams, just no eagles,maybe later.

  178. Steve Doty says:

    Been to 8 eagle nests. Delta 2 has 1 E on a pole, Harrison Mills many in a foggy tree, WR Ma and Pa in a tree others no E’s at this time.

  179. Hyland62 says:

    And the fibbers are OFF I see ! There were no eagles, so stop it ! When I see them, then you KNOW it’s real…..

  180. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    It is hard to catch them, but I caught them playing around one time today.. I can dream on making this THE ONE

  181. Mamafrog says:

    the nest is visible in the moonlight

  182. Steve Doty says:

    Good cool morning. SL up and shinning with no E’s. Off to bible study.

  183. Hyland62 says:

    Cloudy, rainy here in MA – but it’s also about 70 degrees ! Huh? At work, and not happy ! Too dark for any cams to be visible! Come on eagles – time for a new house !

  184. LKK8 says:

    I have both cams but alas no eagles.Hoping for a later visit.

  185. apfiorillo says:

    two cams, no eagles – and strange sort of white streamers that appear to be blowing from left to right occasionally

  186. Steve Doty says:

    GRRRRRRR 1 cam only and not SL. Out to fill bird feeders (again).

  187. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    6:22 and a good shot at SL but no eagles.. I guess they just spend the night here on their way home from someplace we can’t see..aarrgghh.lol

  188. LKK8 says:

    Losing the light but still see a few small birds on snags. Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers

  189. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Hah!!! I saw one doing a flyover but did not feel like stopping in I guess… drat..

  190. Steve Doty says:

    Time to say no E’s tonight. HAGE.

  191. apfiorillo says:

    two cams – no eagles – looks quite calm at SL

  192. Barbara Gibson says:

    Only one cam, raining in Stillwater, HAGD

  193. okmeme says:

    Can’t believe I see SL cam and there is an Eagle there!

  194. okmeme says:

    Sure wish we had the close up cam…just can’t be satisfied, can I? lol

  195. okmeme says:

    Oh come on everyone…Tune in, we have an Eagle on a Sutton cam at SL. !!!!

  196. okmeme says:

    Was on the nest, now on the crossbar…better hurry to see him/her.

  197. Steve Doty says:

    Yea Yea eagle where gone, didn’t hurry enough. Glad you saw him/her. Going to make a batch of apple sauce for tonight. Warm it up sand put ice cream on it. ummm good.

  198. okmeme says:

    Came back to check and eagle is gone. Looks very rainy and windy so I don’t blame him/her for taking off. Just come back when the weather is better….and work on that nest!

  199. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Well it seems I missed the eagle at SL but glad to hear there was one..it looks really windy,rainy wet and cold.. at both nests.. have a good snuggle in day..

  200. LKK8 says:

    Glad you got to see the SL eagle.Wish I had gotten finished earlier. I’ve been carving a jack ‘o lantern ,candy and lights are ready.Hubs has been plugging them in all week ,in the evening, says he wants to get some mileage out of them.LOL

  201. Hyland62 says:

    Wow! It’s dark ! Can’t see anything, LOL! Oh wait, there’s a new thingy on SL CU cam… A think green line…. Hmmmmmm…. We’re all going to have to start stomping our feet in unison shouting “we want eagles” if something doesn’t change soon!

  202. Steve Doty says:

    Good wet misty morning. I’m sitting watching Seq. cam and that green line at SL cu cam. I should be out in the field getting ready to Pheasant hunt but not in the rain. Maybe later I’ll go for a walk. Have a great weekend./

    • LKK8 says:

      My Dad would call that “A fair weather pheasant hunter”.LOL Don’t see a green line , don’t see an eagle either ๐Ÿ™

  203. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    All I can say is, we have 2 cams to watch,one from each site. gloomy looking day but we have been blessed with pretty weather,so I won’t complain..

  204. okmeme says:

    Only have the Seq. wc. Just a twirly at SL wc and I don’t even have a green line. Maybe a little sun would help..

  205. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    yea! late in the day but finally see SL.. no eagle but the nest looks pretty.

  206. Steve Doty says:

    Trick or treators are done, 150 in all. Barely see Seq. SL came on but no E’s. birds on snags back of the nest. Good Night.

  207. LKK8 says:

    Our tricky treaters have gone.GD came to help with the candy dispersal .LOL They had some real cute costumes. Hope SL is still up in the morning. Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers.

  208. Steve Doty says:

    Good foggy morning in Okl. Seq.very foggy SL not found. Up here clear and looking at a high of 70. Getting ready for church. Later.

  209. kansaskaren says:

    Good Morning! A close-cam on SoonerNest! What a nice Sunday morning surprise. No eagle now, but we’ll be able to see feathers when they come. ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Oh look!! the close up at SL. I wondered if we would ever see it again.. Yay!!!!!

  211. LKK8 says:

    Well this is a surprise, looks like some leftovers maybe.

  212. okmeme says:

    Oh my, 3 cams up. By the looks of the close SL I’m afraid this nest will only be their picnic area now. It would take a lot of work to get it ready for little ones. At least we get to see them stop by. Yay!

  213. Barbara Gibson says:

    3 cams up woo hoo, but no eagles:( Have a great Sunday everyone!

  214. Steve Doty says:

    What I have only 1 cam close-up at SL empty. Off to a funeral for a long time Civitan member. See you later.

  215. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    that left over whatever on SL looks like it has mved,so I guess someone was here today and we all missed.. drat/

  216. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Oh how fantastic,I just refreshed and look, both SL cams.. one is on really far away but it is beautiful… thank you Sutton, you just made my day!!

  217. LKK8 says:

    What a nice view of SL.Tower way out there on the left, this is the view to watch the moon come over the hill.

  218. apfiorillo says:

    wow – two SL cams – nothing at Seq

  219. dmr says:

    I still feel that large new sticks have been added to help the eagles out.

  220. Steve Doty says:

    GRRRRRR in and out, refreshed refreshed etc, and still 1 cam at SL. Oh well about time to watch the Royals win (hope) and Green Bay win again.

    SED’s to all. P,S. opps wrong time not 7 yet. LOL

  221. lrg2192 says:

    Good Morning all, looks like the SL wide angle cam has moved, Seq. not loaded, just both SL ones.

  222. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning, Same as Irg 2 SL cams and bright blue at Seq. Green Bay forgot to show up. Royals are World Series Champs. Will be back later. HAGD.

  223. LKK8 says:

    Foggy morning at SL ,here too.. That scrap is looking like fish jerky.

  224. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    ye ks like fish jerky.. sure is a foggy morning.. Wonder how come Seq doesn’t show us anything now? I kind of got used to watching all the vehicles there.. oh well..

  225. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    No eagles at SL but both nests.. woohoo

  226. okmeme says:

    All I can get is wc at SL. I’ve refreshed and turned off and back on…so I’ll check back later.

  227. okmeme says:

    I’ve been searching to see an eagle…somewhere, but no luck until I tuned into Alcoa and there is a juvenile sitting in the nest. Wonder who that may be?

  228. LKK8 says:

    Hurry check,okmeme, I have both SL cams.Just no eagles:(

  229. Steve Doty says:

    LKK yes two SL cams, nuten to see. Cleaned one flower bed to plant Tulips and other bulbs tomorrow. Still 70’s tomorrow.

  230. Hyland62 says:

    Whoa ! Seq cam looks haunted ! I hope that’s fog and not smoke! Cool ! SL CU cam is back? Hoping hoping hoping !!!

    • Steve Doty says:

      Gooood Mooorning It’s still Halloween time ,,, spooky is right. 3 cams for us to wait on eagles to watch. Cams seem froze, reboot time.

  231. Hyland62 says:

    Ooops, here comes a truck Steveo, @ Seq cam !!! Now I’ve lost both SL cams !

  232. LKK8 says:

    It is fog,Fay, eastern part of the state is foggy this morning. Cams are freezing for me, Steve, after they come on.After about a minute clock on the frame starts again, then another freeze. I would be ticked if there were eagles, but no eagles in site ๐Ÿ™

  233. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I have one cam at each location.. better than nothing but better if I was in a heavy eagle population area.. I can dream. Good Morning Eagle watcher-for-s.

  234. kansaskaren says:

    3 cams, but I am patient………refreshing with fingers crossed. Then going for a drive to look for mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  235. apfiorillo says:

    I only have the SL close-up

  236. Steve Doty says:

    3 beautiful cams, sorry Fay. Heee heee.Seq. truck and a car, even a person walking around. Just got a new eagle site, Big Bear Eagle Nest. Beautiful. Had snow on the nest this morning. We just voting after exercising, Grilling pork steak and fish tonight.

  237. CurbGirl says:

    Eagle at SL and I have 3 cams….I’m feeling lucky! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  238. LKK8 says:

    Ok ,if there is an eagle at SL it will have to drop down into the nest for me to see it, Ugh. Hoping it likes fish jerky.

  239. Steve Doty says:

    Off to watch NCIS’s tonight. SED’s

  240. LKK8 says:

    Gad ,now I have 3 cams but it is too dark to see anything. Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers.

  241. CurbGirl says:

    Anyone up? Northern Lights are sweet tonight http://explore.org/live-cams/player/northern-lights-cam

  242. sallou says:

    Are there no more comments from GMSARC here like there used to be, or are they moved elsewhere? It is nice to read the official news as well as observers’ comments.

    • Steve Doty says:

      We all agree with that. So far nothing has been commented here by them. We wait until we here from them.

    • LKK8 says:

      I would like a place for GMSARC comments too,sallou.I guess when there is some news they’ll get to info to us.

      • sallou says:

        I hope their comments don’t get lost in this discussion. They used to put them on separate, permanent post below the ‘chat”

        • LKK8 says:

          Yes , and that was nice. At Katmai there is a separate place for the Rangers comments, they can also post in to comment section. They are Disqus also.

    • CurbGirl says:

      Miss that too. I did send an e-mail about the tracking maps (no dates or archives) and got a prompt and helpful response: they are still working on ‘migrating’ stuff from old site to this new site, so perhaps they will bring their official comments back soon…fingers crossed!

  243. lrg2192 says:

    Good Morning everyone, no E’s, but Seq picture looks great, know it is just a ranger station and a outhouse, but is still a beautiful picture.

  244. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning all 3 cams running. No E’s or trucks. Off to plant tulip bulbs today.

  245. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I was here awhile ago.. good morning eagle people.. had 3 cams but now 1 per site.. ok..

  246. apfiorillo says:

    three cams – beautiful day – no eagles

  247. CurbGirl says:

    eagle SL crossbar…sure doesn’t look interested in that giant fish jerky in the nest ๐Ÿ˜‰

  248. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    woohoo,the far away cam has a big bird on the crossbar.. It has white trim.. betcha it is an eagle.. Yea!!!!!

  249. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I do wish it would at least sweep the ‘leavin’s ‘ out of nest..lol

  250. LKK8 says:

    I finally got here to see? an eagle.

  251. billybagpants says:

    nice to see

  252. Steve Doty says:

    Oh you eagle lucky people. Gone now. I was still working outside. Waaa Waaa .

  253. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    wow..what a strange sight.. big red ball moving across my screen..then the realization that Seq cam came on or is on…. those tail-lights look weird at night from here..lol..oops didn’t look at last posts first..

  254. Hyland62 says:

    Nada… Zilch….. Zip….. Oh wait ! A small “ball of light” @ Seq WC coming from the left side…. Weird… Now I’m in the same club as Patr…. Oh my…. White coats….

  255. Steve Doty says:

    Good Dark Morning.No cams this early. Seq. maybe up?? off to bible study.

  256. LKK8 says:

    3 cams here , a car pulling into the Ranger Headquarters, but no eagles yet.

  257. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Yep, 3 cams showing their ware..well, not much but old fish jerky but it is nice to have a good view if any eagles happened by.. yea!!!

  258. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I don’t remember what that is in the top right of bar at SL..

    • Steve Doty says:

      Night light and camera I believe. 3 cams no E’s just one car at Seq. Looks light the fish jerky has been eaten some or moved.

  259. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    It must have been a bird..it had the eagle colors but was not big… oh well

  260. kansaskaren says:


  261. billybagpants says:

    very nice to see a evening feeding

  262. LKK8 says:

    This is great, eagles at SL. Seq very stormy, there is a shelter right behind the Rangers Headquarters.

  263. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I see one eagle at SL, or so it looks.. and really some rain at SEQ. glad to be where I am..

  264. Steve Doty says:

    IS it an eagle looks small. Hope it’s just my “small” eyes. LOL Yes rain at Seq. here in Iowa tonight.

  265. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    looks like mate is back.. yea! yea!.. maybe they are going to spend the night.. woohoo. course they do this, it doesn’t mean they have moved in yet, but I can ‘maybe’..

  266. apfiorillo says:

    wow! sounds like I missed a big step forward!

  267. Steve Doty says:

    Well wet Seq. cam and only SL c/u cam. Hey WA on now. No E’s HAGD will be in and out for those who care, LOL

  268. kansaskaren says:

    3.good.camera.views. No eagles. Will check in later.

  269. Steve Doty says:

    OMG I am watching an eagle eating at SL CU cam. It’s eating fresh fish not the jerky.

  270. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    looks nice and sunny at SL, but the rain has sure boogered it up at Seq. again.Maybe the little eagle lookig birds will come back to SL today..

  271. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well, what happened.. got an eagle at SL on crossbar.. yea!!!

  272. kansaskaren says:

    When I got back from errands, the eagle must have landed on the crossbar just after I left. Cam counter was stopped @ 1:15. Refresh….& I don’t have that view. Hope it’ll hang around, and hop down to the nest so more can see.
    The Seq cam was perfect early, then changed to this look, with the water drops.

  273. kansaskaren says:

    3:57 cst 1 eagle on crossbar…eating

  274. LKK8 says:

    Finally got to see an eagle in the nest[SL] and it is having a nice fish meal.

  275. kansaskaren says:

    Moments later, it moved to the nest. Less a balancing act, I think. 4:04

  276. Steve Doty says:

    Hey LKK and Karen. it’s back with another fish. Yippeeee

  277. LKK8 says:

    Now look at that,second eagle tried to come in for the steal and will have to settle for the jerky. LOL

  278. Steve Doty says:

    Hey one on the x-bar also. 2 together. Darn I was refreshing and missed the other fly in.

  279. Steve Doty says:

    Have a great evening, got to get ready for eating out and card playing. It’s Friday night. Chili and oyster stew at their church. Yummmmmmy. My WA at SL is froze.

  280. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    thrilled to see at least one of them still here. That is 2 times today..very promising.. woohoo and Kansas K, how did you take those screen snaps? I have forgotten how/.

  281. kansaskaren says:

    Be still my heart!!!! 2 eagles! (a little after 4cst)
    I took a screenshot, then my ‘puter said it needed to restart, & I clicked wrong button to delay, so I lost what I was going to add to this post.

    Function key(Fn) + PrintScreen(PrtSc) works for me for screenshot, Pat. Then copy into paint or whatever photo software. Save, then add to post.

  282. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I don’t find Function Fn ,only prtscn..
    drat!! I have thesnip tool but hate it..

    • kansaskaren says:

      Lower left keyboard…near Ctrl, mine are PCs. Snip may be the same, I don’t know.

      • Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

        it seems I can’t even use snip now.. I will have to do some researach I guess.. last year I could just snap snap…

        • kansaskaren says:

          I did a search for “snipping tool” and there are plenty of instructions. I may try, but I’ve been doing it this way for so long. At least 3 OS changes and it always worked. Re-learning a new way that may be simpler, but I’d have to un-learn, too.
          Will try it out and do some practice. Haven’t been able to get the cams on my “smart” phone, so that’s not an option.

    • kansaskaren says:

      On a Mac, or a PC, or something else?

  283. LKK8 says:

    Two eagles on the tower,the night is starting to take over.They have both had a meal. Will they spend the night?

  284. kansaskaren says:

    Got it this time! Other birds perched & fishing, too.
    Added photo for others late to the party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  285. kansaskaren says:

    And they’re gone…

  286. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I guess that means they are not spending the night.. and we left the light on for them..lol

  287. apfiorillo says:

    well I missed all the action once again…and I never got the the WA cam once today

  288. Steve Doty says:

    These two old folks just getting home. 11:15. Was one heck of a great night, good food, great men’s card playing, sorry girls. To top it off the even we watched the movie MAX, a soldiers dog. If you can go see it, it was one of the best dog movies ever. Tears yes. Great chat about the E’s at SL. SED’s

  289. LKK8 says:

    I have 3 cams, no eagles , but there is a flotilla of ducks/coots near the snags.

    • kansaskaren says:

      Good morning.
      Have only 2 cams each time checked this a.m.
      Saw one local, tho, & that helps. Going back out, & will check in again later.

    • Steve Doty says:

      GM back from our little drive and a church breakfast. Only 2 cams,
      not the WA at SL.

  290. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning from my 32 degree weather in Iowa. 3 cams up but E’s are not up yet.Seq. has to dry out before we see anything. Enjoy your Sat. ****Well wrote this 3 hours ago forgot to send.

  291. Barbara Gibson says:

    Good morning, no eagles here, always seem to miss them. Went browsing other nests, they are all ready for eggs, but only saw one eagle at SWFL . They seem later this year, I guess it’s the crazy weather we’ve been having. HAGD

  292. lrg2192 says:

    Afternoon, can’t see much at Seq through the moisture in the lens, only CU loaded on SL, nothing there. Here is something beautiful to watch and listen too while we are waiting; http://www.andiesisle.com/thenatureofgod.html

  293. Steve Doty says:

    Eagle eagle at SL. Come back everyone. Off to watch the Iowa Hawks. BBL.

  294. lrg2192 says:

    Have three cams loaded now, no E’s, but what i see is beautiful.

  295. apfiorillo says:

    3 cams here too!

  296. apfiorillo says:

    coots swimming L to R under the nest – don’t they know they could be dinner?

  297. apfiorillo says:

    Eagle in the nest with a new fish!
    Actually looks like there are two fish

  298. apfiorillo says:

    at least I think what is being eaten is a fish – bad angle and quite a lot of glare – it’s quite white

  299. lrg2192 says:

    Guess I missed all the action, was busy doing something else, drat.

    • apfiorillo says:

      just back from the store and whatever it was seems to be gone but the eagle is sitting there digesting

  300. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I got back in time to see CU of bloody residue of lunch but no WA so don’t know if 1 or 2 here.. one is good tho..woohoo

  301. lrg2192 says:

    One for me here too on the CU one, will take that anytime, WA not open.

  302. Steve Doty says:

    SL cu with E on the side resting. half time of the Iowa game 21-17 Hawks. they are not looking real good now. Iowa a 2nd half team, I hope.

  303. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    anyone got WA for SL? would like to have a couple of Es on bar..lol don’t ask much do I??

  304. kansaskaren says:

    I was wondering if any of you eagle watchers have eagles in your area? I’ve only discovered that they are in this area in the past few months, and I spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out their routine, to improve my chances of seeing them. Anyone else?

    • apfiorillo says:

      we have nesting eagles on some islands in the Hudson River nearby – my best shot at seeing them is to take a kayak or canoe out there – but I’m not doing it when it’s cold! Wouldn’t want to take a chance on falling in.

  305. Steve Doty says:

    Karen I see during the winter along the Des Moines river about 10 eagles off and on. Talk to your DNR people in your area they will help you.. Enjoy.

    • kansaskaren says:

      DNR? Like Fish & Game or Wildlife & Parks?

      I wondered if the flashing light was the close-up camera from the location?

      I’m told there are often lots of eagles here in the winter. Can’t believe I’ve lived here many years, and just learned of them.

      • Steve Doty says:

        That was me several years ago when I heard about the Decorah Eagles and I was hooked. DNR=Fish and Game, yes or even park board in your town. Enjoy.

  306. Steve Doty says:

    GM Sunday morning wa at Seq. and cu at SL. No E’s. off to church.

  307. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    GM to all .. got the cams up but no eagles yet..

  308. apfiorillo says:

    I’ve got the cams too but now I have to clean up and go sing – we are performing Handel’s Alexander’s Feast this afternoon

  309. lrg2192 says:

    http://www.andiesisle.com/thenatureofgod.html for those who missed this yesterday and those that saw it, is worth the watch again, just wanted to share it. One Seq and one SL loaded, nothing going on yet, have a good Sunday everyone.

  310. Steve Doty says:

    Holy tamally(?) 2 eagles and ducks at SL. Can’t tell what the one is eating on the nest. Where is everyone to see this.

  311. apfiorillo says:

    well, I only see one eagle on the crossbar – the other one appears to have just left crumbs behind in the nest. Just home from our choral concert. Glad that’s over!

    • LKK8 says:

      I found Alexander’s Feast ,very nice piece.

      • apfiorillo says:

        we lucked out! the tenor and bass soloists are grad students in music at Bard College and were amazing! And our regular soprano and alto soloists were at the top of their game. Chorus managed not to miss any entrances – and the small orchestra was sterling.

  312. apfiorillo says:

    and I just saw a fly in – eagle in nest stripping more scraps off the fish carcasses – well, not a fly-in – a fly down from the crossbar

  313. LKK8 says:

    Glad I got back to see this.

  314. lrg2192 says:

    Lucky me, got here just in time to see a fly off, E was so beautiful, love to see the fly offs.

  315. apfiorillo says:

    lots of birds flying around down at water level beyond the pole too

  316. Steve Doty says:

    For those “old” and “new” if you look at WA at SL tower you can see the white object in the upper right hand corner that’s I believe where the flashing light comes from. Am I right??

    • apfiorillo says:

      I think you are Steve. That is actually the closeup cam. What’s interesting is that the strut on the right that the cam is on in the WA view is actually the strut at the front of the closeup view – closest to us – so everything is rotated 120 degrees to the left in the closeup view. Or something like that. A friend of mine who lives near Sooner explained it to me once. She uses Atlas as her internet provider and they are the ones who helped rig the first cam in the pole nest and get it broadcasting about 8 or 9 years ago.

  317. Mamafrog says:

    Good to see the eagles again

  318. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I tried to leave post awhile back.. on wrong computer to get thru.. I got to see the eagle on bar and one eating.. quite a thrill..

  319. apfiorillo says:

    there goes a coot swimming left to right

  320. Steve Doty says:

    Gottsa go for a while to pick up a little before real dark comes. SED’s

  321. kansaskaren says:

    2 cams early, interesting watching seq “waking up.” like eyes trying to focus, from pretty sunrise to water spots and back.
    No, wait, 3 cams.

    • apfiorillo says:

      I’ve got all three now too! and birds on the snags in the lake and flying around a bit back there

  322. Steve Doty says:

    Still 2 cams but Seq. just cleared up./ opps now blurry again. ??? Bunch of green lines at times on Seq. going to close up and try later. HAGD till I return.

  323. sallou says:

    condensation in the cam box at Seq. , Seq nest cam signal not found. no eagles at the lake.

  324. sallou says:

    lost lake tower cam

  325. sallou says:

    its back but no birds on it or the water

  326. sallou says:

    ooh blurry eagle fly by- I think. looked dark with white head.

  327. Steve Doty says:

    3 cams now. Seq. getting better. SL no E’s or birds.

  328. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    what a beautiful view on all cams this morning at 8:54 a.m… No eagles in sight but lovely nature..

  329. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    now that is curious..I went looking around and when I came back,the Seq cam is mottley again.. what in the whatevers is causing this??

    • sallou says:

      In the past they have had issues with moisture getting in and fogging the box the camera is housed in. might be the problem now or maybe its really foggy
      out. There were a lot of water droplets a while ago

    • kansaskaren says:

      Have you ever tried taking a photo through a screen or a fence? The camera tries to focus on the screen or fence, instead of what you are looking at beyond? That’s what it looked like, to me, focus on the trees, then on the droplets, and back.

  330. kansaskaren says:

    3 cams, showing good views, but Seg not as sunny.
    No birds seen so far.

  331. Steve Doty says:

    Sun is going down way tooooo early. No nuten right now.

    • LKK8 says:

      Yes wayyy to early. The dog can’t get use to the new time, she wants to go to bed at 7:00. LOL I’ve try several times ,only getting 2 cams.

  332. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    thought we might catch a bar eagle this late but I guess they are spending night elsewhere…

  333. Steve Doty says:

    So dark out can’t see a thing. LOL SED’s and have a restful night.

  334. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    back atcha!!

  335. Hyland62 says:

    Yay ! Nice clear cams this morn! Nothing to see, but hey, we can wish and hope….. Over to you, LKK !!!!!!

  336. sallou says:

    Is that a fish in the tower nest or a really ugly stick?

  337. apfiorillo says:

    looks like a nice morning in OK – all three cams showing – but no eagles

  338. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning, eagle lovers!

    Looks breezy on the water, this morning, @SL.

    Wish they were bringing a bunch of sticks to that tower, besides using it for a dining table.

  339. Steve Doty says:

    Morning only 2 cams for me. off and running already. BBL.

  340. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well flip.. beautiful Seq and zip at SL.. later..

  341. LKK8 says:

    It is breezy and I like it, maybe it will take most of the leaves so I won’t have to rack 4 or 5 times. Mini white caps at SL, but no eagles yet:(

  342. okmeme says:

    Good Morning all. 3 cams but no eagles, just friends that I am grateful for.

  343. okmeme says:

    I had a heck of a time posting. Disquis made me verify my email address. I tried 4 times and finally got a msg on my email and followed directions. Too much hassel !

  344. Steve Doty says:

    Hi folks, just 2 cams for me.

  345. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Hi Okmeme..that happened to me the other day.. I like to never got here.. that is very frustrating.. and it is irritating to have to chase the notifications deal too.. I like to just have everybody-s post put on here and chase it here.. not lol

  346. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    eagle on the pole bar!

  347. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    I could stare at an empty nest for hours, but how exciting to see one of our E’s on the pole nest!

  348. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    Fred and Ethel both on the pole nest!

  349. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    what?! no cam when both are on the pole nest? don’t make me a fibber!

  350. LKK8 says:

    Oh an afternoon visit ,this is great!

  351. Steve Doty says:

    Can only see one on the nest branch. No tower view. Gotta take Pam to Doc. appt. BBL.

  352. LKK8 says:

    The on the crossbar had flown then came back in, love watching them glide in for a landing.

  353. apfiorillo says:

    a little peak at an eagle – how nice!

  354. kansaskaren says:

    I was so hoping to catch the take-off.
    They sure didn’t seem to mind the wind.

  355. Steve Doty says:

    To dark now. NCIS night on TV. Have a great evening and yes SED’s to all.

  356. LKK8 says:

    Had to run a last minute errand , was hoping they might stay .Guess not ๐Ÿ™

  357. Hyland62 says:

    The symbol of our freedom that we all just love to watch – we owe that freedom to our Veterans !!!! Taking 4 of them out to lunch today – gonna be a hoot and a howl ! Enjoy the accolades all you Veterans ! Oh, pitch black on all 4 cams !!!

  358. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning….Thank.you, Veterans.
    2 cams,no.eagles.visible.

  359. sallou says:

    wide cam at lake is up

  360. sallou says:

    tail in front of lake cam – or something

  361. Susie Mosley says:

    Wishing the tracking data was up and running.

    • Steve Doty says:

      If you look to the upper right in blue box there is tracking info, but it’s not current.

      • Susie Mosley says:

        Correct. I even have a map of the US & Canada on my refrigerator with a magnet for each eagle. Started tracking in 2011. Following the Oklahoma-born eagles is something I enjoy doing.

        • Steve Doty says:

          I don’t or haven’t really got into the tracking og the eagles. Maybe I will, thanks.

        • kansaskaren says:

          Did I see somewhere that they are preparing to transfer the tracking data and once that was done, all would be updated?
          I was watching, too, since this is my first year, trying to learn what kind of schedule the eagles might be on.
          eta: I’m going to check facebook…maybe I saw it there.

          • Susie Mosley says:

            Sutton did post that information somewhere online. For me, the tracking data is actually the most interesting information on this site. That is why I send an annual donation to Sutton. I watch the Berry Eagles webcam for a look into the life of an eagle family.

          • CurbGirl says:

            I am also a huge fan of the tracking data and greatly appreciate having access to both the current and past maps. Fingers crossed here that Sutton has a chance to update that data soon!

          • Susie Mosley says:

            Soooo understand your thinking! My fingers are also crossed!

  362. apfiorillo says:

    wow – for the first time today – three cams – but no birds, large or small

  363. Steve Doty says:

    Good Windy Night. blowing around at 50 miles per hour.

  364. Hyland62 says:

    Okay – am watching the news and seeing horrid reports about tornados, fires etc from what seems like a massive area – OK, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, and on! Check in peeps !

  365. Steve Doty says:

    We’re fine just wind in our town, others were not as lucky. Seq. just coming on. Bible study here I come.

  366. LKK8 says:

    Plenty of wind here , I saw reports of tornadoes in Iowa.Good to hear you guys are fine ,Steve. Going to need some nice weather, for a few days .Son and his family get to move back into their home after 7 months[ all fixed from the tornadoes in May] And Son from VT coming to visit for a few days. To top it off it’s BD dinner time for DIL and her family.Can someone point which way is up? LOL

  367. Hyland62 says:

    Yay ! Glad to hear all is well ! Gheesh, the videos on TV were awful ! Hey LKK, need a maid/helper? Or, can I just come and visit, and p a r t a y ????????

    • LKK8 says:

      You have to like a fried chicken dinner, Fay, and keylime pie for dessert. That’s the traditional meal for DIL dinner. VT son wants his Grandma’s beans and cornbread waiting. She is most happy to comply. LOL

      • CurbGirl says:

        Drooling here ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hyland62 says:

        Oh geez….. Sounds delish ! Especially the cornbread, which is not around my area much, unless of course, one’s GM does the honors! I take it your VT son doesn’t find much either? What time, so CG and I can arrive for the feast?

  368. kansaskaren says:

    High winds, that’s all here. Grass fires as close as 35miles caused visibility problems for drivers.
    3 cam views this morning, water looks pretty still so far.
    SL cam zoomed out for wider view?
    Stay safe everyone, and have a good day.

  369. Steve Doty says:

    GRRRRRRRR Open/Close Open / Close still only 2 cams. I do see an Eagle on the nest. OH that’s at Decorah. LOPL Making potato soup for lunch. All from the garden.BBL. Found another 10 apples to freeze. That’ll make 8 quart bags for this winter.

    • LKK8 says:

      Open and Voila I have 3 cams, but no eagles right now. Great lunch especially from your own garden.Sounds like some good apple dishes this winter.Yum

  370. apfiorillo says:

    three cams here for me finally – though Seq is pebbly again – no eagles

  371. LKK8 says:

    A lights on the hill is quit bright. Vehicle moving on the hill.View of tower is so far away ,blinking light is very small.

  372. Steve Doty says:

    No comment with all you having 3 cams. SED’s.

  373. Hyland62 says:

    Psst ! DNR cam is up and running (but it’s dark now, as it is here, LOL!) and it’s the same female from the past 3 years!
    Now, we need to start talking “eagle” and get these nests hopping !

  374. Steve Doty says:

    GM still 2 cams only.

  375. LKK8 says:

    2 cams for me too. It is officially Fri 13, Sons flight was cancelled, so in his alternate schedule he won’t get here until 8:00pm ๐Ÿ™

    • Steve Doty says:

      GM…Forgot today was the 13th. Good Luck day??? Hope your son gets home safely. We are headed out on Tues to see our daughter in San Antonio for Turkey day. May slip by SL nest again.

      • LKK8 says:

        Great that you guys get to visit Daughter in SA. Our weather says expect cooler temps and some rain[possibly snowmix early Tues] but nothing impassable.Safe travels

      • Barbara Gibson says:

        Steve, you know where I live , about 30 min, from Stillwater. east , Should be a short detour to see my place (fish), if you can’t stop, at least call, Would really love to meet you and Pam!!! I still haven’t seen any eagles anywhere ๐Ÿ™

      • kansaskaren says:

        Have you seen http://www.wetlandcenter.com/eagles.html
        It’s between Iowa & SA, so “on your way”.
        Another artificial nest, with eagles. Just love watching them, anywhere.
        p.s. One, or the pair had been on the nest cam…..until I posted.

    • CurbGirl says:

      Boo on the cancelled flight and Yipee that there is a plan B….Enjoy the visit and so-o sorry about the extended wait. We just returned from visit to 2 young grand daughters and I am back into missing them (it is always something with me :))

  376. kansaskaren says:

    Eagle has landed~!

  377. kansaskaren says:

    Motion detection cam…eagle landed & close-up at same time.

  378. LKK8 says:

    Guess I missed the eats but glad I got here in time to see an eagle.

  379. kansaskaren says:

    I think this might be a different eagle than one eating a few minutes earlier. Nest was empty for just a little while.

  380. Steve Doty says:

    Sure I’m running errands working outside and eagles come to eat. My luck again.

  381. Hyland62 says:

    Nurtz, Mr. Mertz ! I miss everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I would love to see the eagles again. The last time I saw 2 at nest,one was a lot smaller than I remember Fred or Ethel to be.. hmm.

  383. kansaskaren says:

    Here you go, eagle lovers. This morning’s brief nest visit.
    Look close. Lower right arrow ….muddy foot?

    • lrg2192 says:

      Thanks, a picture is better that nothing in the nest right now, good pictures they are also. Sorry, guess I hit the wrong reply, am new at this.

  384. Steve Doty says:

    3 beautiful empty cams. Getting ready for friends to come over tonight. Eat out and the cards or playing farkle a dice game I always loose oh well. Then eat apple crisp that I made. SED’s to all.

  385. LKK8 says:

    Almost dark and eagle on the tower for the night, I do see the blinking light though.

  386. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I thought I saw a flyer but the pic is moving around and I can’t tell.. drat.. usually we can see ,if the moon would just be nice..lol

  387. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning. Sunny and cool up here. 3 cams with no E’s. Busy day getting outside put to bed for the year. HAGD

  388. kansaskaren says:

    7:39 & one eagle waiting for breakfast to swim by.

  389. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning Karen, yes indeed we have an eagle.

  390. LKK8 says:

    GM All..This is a fine kettle of fish, no SL WC for me , all I’m getting is the shadow of an eagle.If he gets a meal maybe he will eat it in the nest.

  391. Steve Doty says:

    2 cams no E’s here. Mom Juliet eagle at AEF is sitting tight on the nest. EGG watch started. Just got up no egg yet.

  392. Hyland62 says:

    GA peeps ! 3 cams for me, but nuttin’ doin’……
    Hey L:KK, did your son get in on the later flight okay?

  393. kansaskaren says:

    Hi, eagle! Watched your landing a few minutes ago.
    Looks windy out there!
    Where’s your sweetie?

    • LKK8 says:

      Love watching them glide in, take off is pretty cool too.

      • kansaskaren says:

        Been sitting here with “snip” tool at the ready, for a ‘take-off’ shot, since I missed snipping the landing. Waiting 30 min. You know the second I leave, so will the eagle. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Would love to capture video!

  394. Steve Doty says:

    Back in from outside Juliet sitting tight again. Romeo on branch “guarding” the area. Very windy at SL no E’s. Missed again, no worry. LOL Back out to work.

    • kansaskaren says:

      You just missed, I turned my back, & eagle sneaked off.
      eta…Steve, where’s Romeo & Juliet hangout?

      • LKK8 says:

        Got back to the computer, I had left it up. Thought I was still getting to see the eagle when I noticed the water wasn’t moving. Refreshed and you guessed it I was watching a frozen screen. Jokes on me.

      • Steve Doty says:

        AEF Eagle Cams NE Flor.

  395. LKK8 says:

    GM All.3 cams this morning, small birds on the snags,no eagles at SL yet.Looks wet in the east[Seq]

  396. Steve Doty says:

    Getting ready for church.. Must be harvest time at Seq. SL close-up and nothing .. BBL.

    • kansaskaren says:

      Harvesters were running with lights last evening, trying to get what they could in before wet weather moved in.
      No cam views @ 9:45cst. SL nest view is up, but black. Had SL wide, no eagles @6:30

  397. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    shuckins,I don’t see Seq at all.. that is peculiar.. only 1 at SL.. oh well..

  398. Steve Doty says:


  399. Steve Doty says:

    Ugh no cams so far. Good morning. 8:20 and no cams.

  400. LKK8 says:

    Well, there is the tower at SL but no eagles yet.

  401. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    and here am I and no tower or eagles or anything.. bbl

  402. apfiorillo says:

    Blue screen at Seq – ringo on the WA SL cam – nada for the other two

  403. kansaskaren says:

    Got a cam to view now. Nothing to see, tho. ๐Ÿ™

  404. apfiorillo says:

    finally the WA SL cam came up but not a bird to be seen

  405. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well..and well,well.

  406. LKK8 says:

    I see Juliet ,NEFL, has had the first egg of the season.

  407. lalee says:

    Romeo and Juliets 1st egg laid at Florida nest about 1 hr ago

  408. LKK8 says:

    I have SL tower cam, things look dreary there,it is misting here.No eagles right now:(

  409. Steve Doty says:

    Good Evening, been in the garage cleaning and just now heard about the 1st egg of the season. Congrats R and J.

  410. sallou says:

    No cams ๐Ÿ™

  411. Steve Doty says:

    You are right, no cans even trying to come on. Gives me more time to finish outside and pack for tomorrow we head south. BBL

  412. Steve Doty says:

    WOW new view came up at SL.. May see this if time allows us. this week. Not looking good time wise this year.

  413. LKK8 says:

    Now that is a Wide cam view at SL. I can see for miles and miles.[yes song lyrics, can you guess Who.LOL]]

  414. Hyland62 says:

    Great ! I have NO cams at all !!!! As LKK would say “nurtz” !!!!!!

  415. Hyland62 says:

    Oh heck, just came back – gee, can barely see the SL Xbar ! Nice SL cu though… Nothing @ Seq for me….

  416. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    oh goodness.. I have both SL cams up.. no eagles,but if they were here,I could view them..

  417. LKK8 says:

    Very windy today, there were high gusts last night near SL, I was glad to see the tower today. Son should be touching down at Burlington airport about now.

  418. apfiorillo says:

    there was just an eagle on the crossbar – and away it went!

  419. apfiorillo says:

    now there are two eagles on the bar – I am speechless!

  420. LKK8 says:

    Lucky enough to get here in time to see them.Awwww

  421. LKK8 says:

    Didn’t know if the old zoom method worked ,but it does.

  422. kansaskaren says:

    They’re gone, now. Both flew to the right, first the larger one(she), then, a few seconds later, the other.
    Do we have names for this pair, and do we know if they’re the regulars?

  423. kansaskaren says:

    If you want an eagle fix, there’s a pretty sight here. http://wetlandcenter.com/eagles.html

    • kansaskaren says:

      sorry, it wasn’t long and the 2 eagles on the next at sunset, had gone. I’d hoped to share.
      …looked again, and they were in sight, not on the nest. Maybe they’ll be the next w/egg.

  424. Steve Doty says:

    Looks like many had an eagle fix, not me working on getting out tomorrow and cleanup .I hope my house watcher is ready the 4 inches of snow coming on Friday. I hope he is ready to shovel, We’ll be in Texas. Heee Heee. SED’s or Good morning.

  425. kansaskaren says:


  426. Steve Doty says:

    What a morning. 3 cams no E’s now. Time to pack and get out of here. Hyway 35 here we come. Getting out of here before the snow comes. BBL.

  427. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    what great views this morning. Missed the eagle but looks like remnants of a coot.. hmm. Safe trip Steve and Co.

  428. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I guess someone came back and ate the remnant/scraps..

  429. CurbGirl says:

    Three cams, no waiting but no eagles yet but it does look windy at SL.

  430. LKK8 says:

    I only have SL nest cam, I see it is still standing after the earthquake this morning.Something looks different on Seq cam but not clear enough to see what it is yet.

    • kansaskaren says:

      There’s harvest equipment in the view @ Seq. Guess they weren’t finished when the rain came.
      Haven’t found much earthquake news, yet. Much family in s. central KS

      • LKK8 says:

        Would be interesting to know if they felt it. I did ,just after 1:30 am. Hubs and GK’d slept through it. Weather radar saw it,as so many birds left their night roost all at he same time. That must have been a sight.

        • kansaskaren says:

          So many were awaken, & I heard about the birds. I was up late with Thanksgiving prep, but didn’t feel a thing…we’re pretty far east, tho.

  431. apfiorillo says:

    well, I have the golf ball effect at Seq again – a nice CU at SL and ringo for the WA view – no eagles — what earthquake? glad you are all OK!

  432. apfiorillo says:

    and lo and behold an eagle arrived! picking at something

  433. apfiorillo says:

    how about some sticks to improve your nest, Mr. Eagle?

  434. apfiorillo says:

    on second look, this appears to be the wide-bodied model so perhaps it’s Mrs. Eagle

  435. apfiorillo says:

    and up to the cross bar

  436. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    all three cams up and no eagles.. really a pretty day tho.. workers still at Seq..hay crew??I am back about a hour later an see my post didn’t post.. and now there is an eagle on crossbar at SL.. woohoo..it is 12:33 p.m., my time..

    • kansaskaren says:

      Think the crew may be a grain harvest. Around here there are beans to get. It looked like a combine and a grain truck.

    • apfiorillo says:

      cute donkey in your avatar photo!

      • Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

        ty I had to sell them when my husband got so disabled he had to have walker and has bad bad balance..no one to come help me if the knocked me down..lol I miss them.. sure glad I still got eagles to watch..

  437. Barbara Gibson says:

    Well how lucky am I, an eagle on crossbar at 12:40

    • apfiorillo says:

      finally I got the WA cam and there’s the eagle! I was seeing occasional shadows on one of those nest rails and thought she might still be up there but she moved over and I couldn’t see the tail feathers in the CU cam.

  438. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    It is 8:10 a.m. and I don’t see any eagles or any chatters.. one Seq cam, bubbly and one CU at SL. bbl

    • apfiorillo says:

      Pat – in reply to our convo re donkeys – do you know Service Dog Project where they breed and train Great Danes as service dogs for people with mobility and balance problems? You should read Carlene’s (the owner) blogpost – here’s a link – scroll down to yesterday’s blog and she talks about donkeys! http://servicedogproject.blogspot.com/

  439. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning.
    Seq view is going from crisp look at the building, to focusing on black blob that seems to be on the lens of the cam.
    Only Close Up at Sooner Lake.
    I guess they should be out finding food.

  440. apfiorillo says:

    two cams and a golf ball – no eagles

  441. LKK8 says:

    eagle on the tower

  442. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    whist whist and I missed again…

  443. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    both SL and the one Seq showing.. no eagles but a great view.

  444. apfiorillo says:

    three cams! no eagles

  445. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    good morning eagle lovers. No birds today yet. and no cam at Seq..

    • kansaskaren says:

      GM, Pat, and all. 9:30 a.m. 2 views, no eagles
      Close-up cam keeps blinking. It’s a still shot, but the clock is advancing.
      Imagine the technology challenges so we can learn about these awesome creatures from our warm spaces.

  446. lrg2192 says:

    No cams at all for me at 11:07 AM CST.

  447. apfiorillo says:

    all three cams but close up is a very strange shade of blue – no eagles

  448. lrg2192 says:

    2 cams for me, SL CU blinking blue and no E’s anywhere.

  449. apfiorillo says:

    there’s equipment at Seq – harvesting vehicles perhaps?

  450. lrg2192 says:

    Is what it looks like to me, my other SL cam opened up, still no E’s.

  451. LKK8 says:

    I have moving water on the WC -SL and equipment at Seq, just no eagles.

  452. lrg2192 says:

    SL has really smoothed out, looks like a mirror on the WA cam.

  453. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I guess they must have gone visiting as it is the week end before Thanksgiving however,they may be working on a nest some place.. oh I hope that isn’t so…

  454. apfiorillo says:

    lovely still morning at Sooner, both cams – nothing at Seq – no eagles

  455. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well the timer is clicking off at Seq so I guess the cam is there someplace..wonder how come the SL CU is sort of blue.. pretty but odd.

    • kansaskaren says:

      when checking in late lastnight, the seq was black with lots of green streaks screaming across, black now, & tho it was dark, you could tell the CU @ Sooner was blinking.

      Pretty & sunny clear cold…would be nice if they’d stop in when someone was watching.
      Have seen a few birds flying across the water, so floating out of range of cam

  456. kansaskaren says:

    Ah, now 3 cams up, no eagles in sight.
    At 10:15 am there’s a sweet sight @

    • kansaskaren says:

      wouldn’t you know, I post bragging about the sight, & now the cam seems to black ๐Ÿ™ or back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  457. LKK8 says:

    Eagle on the SL tower

  458. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I guess I missed the eagle on the tower,as I am not getting the tower.. and, they are harvesting whatever at Seq.. machines out there kicking up dust.. whistle whistle..

  459. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    woohoo,while I wads watching the harvest,the other SL cam came on and the eagle is still there..

  460. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    and the eagle left and is now back.. yea!!!

    • apfiorillo says:

      I can’t see him – he must be up on the bar? I don’t have the WA cam yet
      And did you see the message I gave you the other day about donkeys – a reply to your original response

  461. LKK8 says:

    Took a bit to get a cam view, I do have SL WC and I’m peering from within the golf ball at Seq. No eagles:(

  462. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    GM eagle lovers,. and no eagles to look at, so will be back periodically as the day goes…

  463. kansaskaren says:

    Greetings all.
    Seq & SL still CU….widecam just came on.
    Come on eagle pair.
    Build a nest on the tower.
    Cheerleaders waiting.

  464. Barbara Gibson says:

    Good afternoon to all!! Heard from Steve and the are having a great time with Jill, said to say hi to all of you. Saw an eagle here yesterday, but none today ๐Ÿ™

  465. LKK8 says:

    Full moon tomorrow [Wed] but you can still see the nest tower at SL. Don’t see any sleepover visitor ๐Ÿ™

  466. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Seeing both cams at SL and it is windy.. don’t see eagles or ducks..

  467. Barbara Gibson says:

    I don’t see any eagles, maybe they don’t like wind and they’re taking shelter somewhere. HAGD and a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

  468. LKK8 says:

    Misting rain here right now, suppose to be rain all over the state tomorrow.Freezing rain and most of the ice is suppose to be N and NW. Hope it is better by Sunday, GD’s birthday , she’ll be double digits. No eagles ,my SL WC has frozen.

  469. LKK8 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you All. Wishing you all a great day.Will be up before dawn breaks helping get dinner ready.Full moon tonight but I have no SL cam:(

  470. Steve Doty says:

    Trying to get on, did I ??

  471. Steve Doty says:

    Well what a happy note. Texas has been cooler than we want but with Jill all has been good??? ummmmmm toooo much shopping. LOL I have cu off SL. Going to read comments. Hope yo u all have a great T-day tomorrow.

  472. Steve Doty says:

    I’ll leave this on and hope it will stay. Sounds like not a lot of eagle action. We’ll be going to a friend of Jills’s tomorrow for a big old T-day meal. Wide cam at SL came on. Miss all of you. SED

    • LKK8 says:

      Nice to hear from you Steve, about the shopping [ tis the season,LOL] I now have SL WC ,no eagles but I can see it.6:14

  473. Steve Doty says:

    Happy T-day. 2 cams up so far. Like many time to get started on party potatoes and granberry sauce. Plans on where we are going changed, Flue bug hit the host home. ugh. BBL.

  474. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.. Thank God for His Bounty..

  475. CurbGirl says:

    Enjoy your day, eagle friends! No cams but I suspect our eagles are in the kitchen whipping cream for the pies ๐Ÿ™‚

  476. Hyland62 says:

    Well I’ll give thanks right now ! 3 cams for me ! No eagles though! Happy Thanksgiving to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu !

  477. Steve Doty says:

    Hi Fay yes 3 cams. You must be good luck on getting cams. 10 lbs. of potatoes peeled..SL WA sure has a blue look. Bck to work. LOL

  478. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    gosh,I had way too much cooked.. only husband and I and I guess I really didn’t think I would eat that many noodles, and 3 pies and 2 people does not match.. great day anyway and only could be made better with an eagle view….Seq has a lot of visitors.. no SL..

  479. Hyland62 says:

    Hey Steveo ! I don’t know about you, but that electric blue @ SL made me have some sort of weird flashbacks !!!!!!!!
    Hope everyone had a good holiday !

  480. LKK8 says:

    Can’t see full moon view, can’t even see the flashing. Raining over most of the state, all day. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We will see what tomorrow brings, some could be slip sliding away.

  481. Steve Doty says:

    Had a delightful afternoon with Jill’s friends and family. Way tooooo much food again. Need to be thankful no matter what and pray for those who have lest than we do. 2 circles and black cams. Rain in Texas the next 3 days. SED

  482. Steve Doty says:

    NO NO NO I’m not going shopping today. Yes Dear and Jill I’m getting ready. LOL 1 very blurry cam at seq. Have a nice day.

  483. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Steady rain here ,there and everywhere.. guess the sun being hidden had drained the SL cams of power?? stay safe..

  484. okmeme says:

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving even tho around here it was a really wet one….still is. Only 1 Seq. cam to see today.

  485. LKK8 says:

    Branches hanging low with ice, fireplace blazing.Vehicle passing at Seq.,guess that’s headlights I’m seeing.

  486. Steve Doty says:

    Shopping way too much. But I even found a couple of items. Ate at Bass Pro Shop. A trip we always take. Heavy rain here and I trimmed Jills tree and the girls still went out more tonight. Molly and I played and made jerky for her. SED
    ‘s to all.

    • CurbGirl says:

      FYI Steve, I’m not sure you can shop to much in San Antonio and Fredricksburg ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Steve Doty says:

        SO SO true. Plus Boerne had a big Christmas display as well. Ate at PO PO’s a small town restrautant near Comfort. always eat there at least once.

  487. Steve Doty says:

    Good wet cold morning in S.A. 45 degrees and we we’re hoping for nice warm weather. Oh well.1 wet cam at seq.. Just cleared up a little with a truck at the pottie.

  488. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    GM peoples.. really wet around here.. I was looking at Seq and the cam started focusing really close up.. strange..nothing at SL but black screen and stream not found, need some sun..

  489. Steve Doty says:

    Off on another adventure to an old German town Fredrichburg. (?). A craft show. yippppeeee. HAGD.

  490. kansaskaren says:

    I’ve been checking in, but not signing in to post. Wet & cloudy & more in forecast.
    Did see local eagle pair yesterday, so going to check back-roads more.
    Enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend. Those who are traveling, be safe.

  491. Barbara Gibson says:

    Hi everyone, hope all had a great Thanksgiving.! Well no sun means no cams, so no eagles to see today. HAGD

  492. CurbGirl says:

    Settling in to watch OU/OSU from our warm and cozy couch. Hope all are enjoying their weekend!

  493. Steve Doty says:

    Back from a fun filled day of course. No eagles but 10 Vultures sitting near the road. Big ugly things. Tomorrow get all we bought packed up to load tomorrow and Monday morning. Sleep well.

    • LKK8 says:

      Keep watching the weather ,Steve ,we have freezing rain and are to get more tonight after midnight.Lots of power outages in and around OKC. Temps ahead back up by Mon.

  494. kansaskaren says:

    Eagle tracking has been updated, not to current date, but much more info than was there before.
    Weather prediction some more dreary days this week.

  495. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I know there are some more opists on here somewhere,but I don’t know where..

  496. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    wonder what an opist is?? thought it a post..glad I came back,the CU at SL is on view.

  497. LKK8 says:

    3 working cams[ not frozen]yeah!

  498. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I wonder what I did,if I did , to make the comments so sparse?? I can’t believe that no one but me and KansasKaren are here…

    • kansaskaren says:

      Hi Pat & anyone else checking in…
      Maybe like me, without much to see, not checking so often.
      Or in areas without power
      Only the Seq cam on now.

      • Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

        I have distance Seq.. I didn’t think about the power.. thanks..

        • kansaskaren says:

          I’m afraid it’s likely going to be like this for a few weeks. December is upon us and life gets frantic with family birthdays, Church bazaar, in addition to Christmas. If I’m not here so much, that’s why.
          Oh, look, pretty scene @ SL far cam. I think I see a bit of blue sky!

    • LKK8 says:

      Had GK’s part of the day and been cyber Christmas shopping.Did peek in some but no time to comment much,listening to songs my GS knew[ some he made up]LOL

  499. Hyland62 says:

    For anyone who wants to see a BEAUTIFUL RESCUE – https://news.yahoo.com/video/watch-two-brothers-rescue-bald-233713151.html Absolutely stunning !!! You go, guys !

  500. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning eagle watchers.
    Beautiful sunshine, hope for eagle spotting.
    Charge those power cells!
    Have Seq WA and SL CU

  501. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I just watched the rescue.Amazing shots.. Thanks for sharing..

  502. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    On SL close up, is that a windblown leaf or a little bird or a mouse in the bottom left?

    • kansaskaren says:

      It looks like a small leaf or piece of dry grass to me.
      Breezy, for sure. Still cold, but the sunshine makes it better.

  503. LKK8 says:

    Frost in the nest at SL but that should be gone soon, temps going up.I have 3 cams, way after dark, last night, I could see vehicle lights on the hill at SL.

  504. LKK8 says:

    The sun is already shining , it didn’t take half the day to get sun shine ,Yeah. No eagles, that I can see, yet.

  505. apfiorillo says:

    well, will you look at that! three whole cams. Nice to be back! Been in Denver helping daughter move to new new house – just love packing and unpacking…

  506. kansaskaren says:

    Just 2 cams now, the SL WA view was a nice change.
    Wasn’t the Colorado weather horrible for a move?

    • apfiorillo says:

      kinda raw and a bit slippery – glad she wasn’t going too far – about a ten minute drive from one place to the next

  507. kansaskaren says:

    One thing to make this view better…..eagles!

  508. LKK8 says:

    Eagle in the nest at SL.

  509. Steve Doty says:

    awwwwww Home safe and sound. Always nice to see Jill but home is HOME. Just south of Waco, Tx. we were in and MAJOR traffic jam Monday night. Big wreck. It took us 2 1/2 hours to go 15 miles to get by it. Starting to unload and relax. See ya tomorrow. SED’s

    • LKK8 says:

      Glad to see you home safe, have been thinking about you guys all day.

    • apfiorillo says:

      glad you made it home – and glad you had a fun time – we enjoyed Denver but we worked hard almost the entire time – daughter moving house…

  510. LKK8 says:

    Two eagles on the tower at SL.

  511. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning all, welcome home travelers.
    Good CU of SL, but no tower view for me, and no SQ right now either.
    Have a great day!

  512. LKK8 says:

    NURTZ , I had a tower view, it was even a close view ,now just CU cam and a twirly ๐Ÿ™

  513. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well, I have nest CU but nothin’ else.. so..Nurtz for now for me,too.

  514. Barbara Gibson says:

    Welcome home Steve and Pam!! Nice to go visiting, but ain’t nothing like home! Y’all are just making memories all over the country, glad you had a nice visit with Jill. I’ve only seen eagles once here since you left. Hope you brought some back…ha ha

  515. Steve Doty says:

    Saw one nest with eagle on our way home off of 35north. No way to stop in traffic. LOL. 3 cams but no E’s.

  516. Barbara Gibson says:

    Berry has 2 as of few minutes ago , Juliet has 2 eggs, Harriet and M are awol when I check there. Nests are ready everywhere except here….:(

    • LKK8 says:

      Probably ready here too ,just not where we will be able to view ๐Ÿ™ Hope for some boots on the ground reports.

      • apfiorillo says:

        somewhere I have my notes of when eggs hatched at Sooner previously and I thought it was February sometime – so when would they lay? end of December? must rummage around and see if I can find them

  517. apfiorillo says:

    All 3 cams for me this afternoon but no birds – not even coots in the water

  518. Steve Doty says:

    One last check for the night. SED. no nothing on the nest.

    • LKK8 says:

      I can see the tower , you are right no eagles, just the blinking light. Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers.

  519. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    thank you for checking it all out.. see you tomorrow..

  520. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I have C U at SL but no eagles, nest looks a little different so I think someone has been here.could be just that camera is really close..

  521. apfiorillo says:

    I have two cams – no Seq – no eagles

  522. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Seq looking good and CU at SL..

  523. LKK8 says:

    3 cams for me right now but no eagles. I’m sure they are very busy, somewhere else ๐Ÿ™

  524. LKK8 says:

    Pink , orange and blue sunset at Seq.A littered nest at SL, Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers.

  525. kansaskaren says:

    I’ve checked in couple of times today, only saw 2 cams~no eagles.
    I do wish they were busy on this nest.
    See everyone tomorrow.

  526. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    at least get to see all 3 cams on.. woohoo.. see litter..somethings been here.. even stopping by for lunch would be good..

  527. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning. 2 cams only. Never got on yesterday, guess I didn’t miss much. Still hoping the powers to be will let us know what’s coming up with the eagle nest. Off to the store and just hang out getting ready to ring bells today for the Salvation Army.

  528. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    all 3 cams up this morning but no eagles.. Have a beautiful day..

  529. LKK8 says:

    Slightly windy today, no eagles yet.Will try to get outside Christmas lights up before GK’s arrive.

  530. Linda Stone says:

    Here’s a successful release of an eagle rehabbed by our local wildlife rescue, Wild Heart Ranch in Foyil, Oklahoma. https://youtu.be/ZM8E_hxJZQ0

    • LKK8 says:

      Scoops story is a great one, wonderful to see him fly free.Annette and her team gave him a second chance.

  531. kansaskaren says:

    11:16 Eagle on the nest!!! Only close-up. Sure looks windy!!!
    Is there a band on it’s leg?

    • LKK8 says:

      I was watching Scoop video and missed the fly in. Thanks About the band ,I can’t really see one, that could be my bad eyes.LOL

      • kansaskaren says:

        Nah, think it was my imagination. Looking at the clips, it’s just feathers, I think.]
        I wonder if they banded “Scoop” before his release…help folks recognize him. Heck, bands with chips, that’s an idea….maybe they could be tracked that way?

    • kansaskaren says:

      I’m trying to get a photo “snip” to see better, not clear but thought it a possibility.
      I started to watch “Scoop” then eagle distracted me.
      I’ve got to go, so keep an eye on him for me, ok?

  532. Steve Doty says:

    3 cams no eagles now. Getting ready to dance ringing bells. LOL

  533. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    piddly..I missed it..

    • kansaskaren says:

      It was great. Not sure when it left but it was there at least 45 min. Seemed different, more active than what I’ve seen here before. Maybe due to really close view.

  534. apfiorillo says:

    only a grey dark mess on the CU cam – missed the eagle completely of course

  535. Steve Doty says:

    Well time to get snacks ready fro the Iowa Hawks against the Mich. wolverines tonight. Big Ten Championship. I’m “hoping for an Iowa win. Just make it a good game. No cams to late. SED

  536. apfiorillo says:

    good morning all! three cams – SL looks lovely; Seq is golf-ball-ish – no eagles

  537. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well,what ad o you know?? all 3 on view.. course no eagles, but beautiful pictures at SL and I guess Seq will clear up..

  538. Steve Doty says:

    Good not Morning. Both Pam and I are under the weather. Need to back south I guess. LOL 3 cams with nothing to see, NOW. Oh a truck went by at Seq. Yippee.

  539. apfiorillo says:

    4 pm in NY; 3 cams and zip

  540. LKK8 says:

    Vehicle leaving Seq. Hope you and Pam feel better tomorrow,Steve….Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers

  541. apfiorillo says:

    two cams at SL, nothing at Seq – hope you and Pam are better this morning, Steve.

    Oh, eagles? are there supposed to be eagles? I don’t see any…

  542. kansaskaren says:

    Good Monday morning!
    A whirly, SL close-up view, & black screen @Seq.
    Take it easy S & P…give yourselves plenty of time…relapses are worse.

  543. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Good Morning all. I begin to think our eagles from SL are hanging out on another piece of the world.. drat!!

  544. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning. 1 cam at SL only. Wish we’d hear about other nest cams by Sutton’s group.

  545. CurbGirl says:

    Ooooo, 2 SL cams and 2 eagles…my lucky day! One in nest, one above on rail!

  546. Steve Doty says:

    Eagles come and bring chatters alive. What a way to start the week.

    • apfiorillo says:

      hi Steve! I wouldn’t have know about the eagles except for Disqus sending me a notice of Curb Girl’s post – it’s a helpful feature

  547. apfiorillo says:

    have to refresh I have an odd looking frozen shot of two eagles in the CU cam – bottom one looking up coyly

  548. Steve Doty says:

    BBL time to grab lunch.

    • CurbGirl says:

      Enjoy!…I’m thinkin’ I’ll do the same…refreshed and lost both SL!

      • apfiorillo says:

        Hope both you and Steve and his wife are feeling better – there is something nasty going around – and I do not want it! have a concert to sing in Friday night and need my voice

        • CurbGirl says:

          I’ve been staying close to home rather than sharing this barking cough…no one wants it! Have an awesome concert!

  549. apfiorillo says:

    Steve – you go to your name in upper right and click on Edit settings – then you click on Email Settings in the left menu – and you can select all kinds of notifications from Disqus – I will try to paste a copy of what I have mine set up like

    • apfiorillo says:

      Well, it isn’t showing my settings – but this is what is possible there – I agreed to receive emails, Digests – Daily and Replies.

      Enable Emails

      Receive emails from Disqus


      Receive Disqus Digest emails



      Digests give you a daily or weekly view of activity on Disqus, customized for you. Visit the Digest FAQ to learn more.


      Receive an email when someone replies to your comments


      Subscribe automatically to discussions you comment on

  550. apfiorillo says:

    got the WA back – eagle sitting on one of the side rails

  551. Steve Doty says:

    Been outside filling bird feeders and getting heater ready for bird bath. 3 cams and 2 eagles. Even went for a cool 48 degree bike ride. a whole mile. WOW. LOL

    • apfiorillo says:

      second one must have just come back! guess you are feeling better, Steve.

    • apfiorillo says:

      how does the heater work? where did you get one? I should try that – mine was frozen solid this morning

      • Steve Doty says:

        I got mine at WalMart but most stores have them. Have a long extention cord out to my birdbath. Sits in the bottom and even below 0 temps keeps water free of ice. Birds drink and bath all winter. Racoons, squirrels deer like it also. LOL

  552. dmean1 says:

    Hello Beautiful Eagles…At Sooner

  553. LKK8 says:

    Man what a sight ,I just get home and am greeted by both eagles at SL [ big smile]

  554. kansaskaren says:


    Went for a ride in the country this afternoon, hoping to spot some local eagles. 1 unconfirmed, then arrive home to this! Boy, they are taking it easy. If it weren’t for the other active birds, I’d think it a frozen screen.

    • apfiorillo says:

      and I just came back and now they are gone – but they’ve been there for more than three hours! I am so happy

  555. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    look at all I missed.. I don’t know how to get the conversations like I used to..

  556. Steve Doty says:

    Good night. watch the Cowboy/Redskins game off and on. what a finish.

    NCIS was good as well. SED

  557. apfiorillo says:

    two SL cams this morning – blue square at Sq – no eagles – good morning all!

  558. kansaskaren says:

    Only SL closeup on for me now.
    bbl to see if the pair drops by again today
    S’pose if we had the wide view, we could see them not at the tower?

  559. Steve Doty says:

    well 2 SL cams no eagles. 2 eagle on the nest at Decorah. What to do tonight?? ummmm Pam off to church for a snack bible study. Grill pork steak for sure. NCIS tonight but repeats I think.

  560. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    yep, 2 SL and no eagles and it is dark-thirty..night all..

  561. kansaskaren says:

    Greetings all. 2 views @ SL.
    Water’s smooth as glass, no eagles, yet.
    Good day for adding sticks to the nest. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Steve Doty says:

      Yes a beautiful morning just like here in Iowa. NO eagles now. 8:30 am. awwww a duck swimming by. HAGD.

  562. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    yep..there is two views at SL ..mirror finish on the water.beautiful.. now if the feathery friends would just come for a look….

  563. LKK8 says:

    I have 3 cams right now but no eagles yet,hoping for a visit later today.

  564. Steve Doty says:

    Only 2 cams. booooooo

  565. apfiorillo says:

    all three for me – but no feathered creatures

  566. LKK8 says:

    Does that look like new debris in the nest?Someone stopped by, for a place to have a meal? One lone fowl swimming by.

  567. Steve Doty says:

    3 cams and you can see a duck has been defeathered on CU cam. It wasn’t the duck that just went by or the ones way back by the reeds. LOL

  568. kansaskaren says:

    Note @ 5:38 pm the light on the tower that usually flashes, is staying on?
    Landing strip light, perhaps?

  569. Steve Doty says:

    Good Night. yes light is not blinking??? Maybe it’s got to be darker for us to tell.

  570. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    blinking now..

  571. Steve Doty says:

    Good night,,, no SL WA so can’t see blinking light. SED’s

  572. apfiorillo says:

    good morning – three cams – no birds

  573. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    so true,but Seq road is sure busy today..

  574. CurbGirl says:

    Eagle on the cross bar SL!

  575. apfiorillo says:

    I see an eagle too but I think my screen has been frozen for an hour

  576. apfiorillo says:

    now it’s frozen again – eagle now on right side of bar flapping wings – and I am not sure there aren’t two of them and it’s a little hanky panky – must refresh again

  577. LKK8 says:

    There are two on the tower MaggiesMom

    • apfiorillo says:

      wouldn’t you now it would take forever for me to get the cams back when there may have been some actual action?

  578. apfiorillo says:

    took three tries to get the cams back and now there are two eagles on the bar – so maybe, just maybe, I was right!

  579. Steve Doty says:

    What an afternoon. Planted my last tulip bulbs and others, fed the birds, grocery shopping, relaxing, and come here to see chatters and 2 eagles.. The life we are in is great. Good afternoon. Sorry my came on 1st time. LOL

  580. apfiorillo says:

    ooh, they have moved – now one is down on the edge of the nest and the other on the left end of the bar

  581. apfiorillo says:

    and something reasonably large just flew past the nest from right to left and then curled around and went the other way further back across the lake

  582. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    and look. a big EAGLE is at the nest at SL. Joy!! as large as is, –oops was.. thought it was Mrs. took of pretty quick.. at least got a glimpse..

  583. apfiorillo says:

    they both just left, Pat

  584. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    and back again, on the bar this time.. looks like setting in mama’s place… c’mon on partner, join me….

  585. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    but one is there.. is my comp behind time??

  586. apfiorillo says:

    and gone again – every time I walk away to do something, they do something different too

  587. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:


  588. kansaskaren says:

    Hello all. So it’s been fun watching the cams while I was gone today. Good to hear.
    Sorry, I missed it. There wasn’t anything to see when I checked this morning
    I did see some in person, the past couple of days. Goosebumps!

  589. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning, foggy at SEQ. and only CU at SL .8:35 and more fog and all 3 cams on. No E’s now.

  590. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    wow,sure is foggy at SEQ. guess storms will come in.. oh well.. c’mon eagles,show up again..

  591. kansaskaren says:

    Good Morning ALL
    Got 3 cams, but refreshed to unfreeze, now SL cu & foggy SEQ. No Eagles yet…
    Keep watch, whiles we shop, & dr, & scan skies enroute.

  592. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    WOW,it is getting foggier at SEQ. weather must be moving in…couldn’t see eagles if they happened by to use the facilities…

  593. LKK8 says:

    Yes fog in the valley at Seq , visitors keeping the road hot though.LOL

  594. apfiorillo says:

    Eagle on the bar!

  595. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    eagle on side of nest..

  596. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    Hello beautiful eagle on the jSooner pole nest! Hello all my eagle friends!

  597. Steve Doty says:

    Sure you see an eagle, I can’t no Pole cam right now. Rats.

  598. LKK8 says:

    Uncle..I’ve tried 7 times to get the SL WC ,No luck.

  599. lgnite says:

    Good afternoon, beautiful Eagle on cross bar SL wide cam, looks like windy but pretty day.

  600. LKK8 says:

    Woo Hoo ,I have 2 beautiful eagles on the cross bar at SL.

  601. LKK8 says:

    As much as I like to see a fly off,,,,come back! One flew, the other stayed[so far]

  602. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    on the crosstimber at SoonerLake!

  603. apfiorillo says:

    indeed there is an eagle on the bar!

    • Steve Doty says:

      How can you tell??? LOL still no tower cam. Time to leave soon for our eating out and card playing. Perkins here we come. Enjoy your eagle.

  604. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning eagle watchers.
    Seq & SL nest view @ 9:30
    No eagles, so far.
    Quite a bit of vehicle traffic @ Seq is all I see.

  605. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    I noticed a lot of traffic at Seq also, wish the eagles were out and about,too.

  606. LKK8 says:

    Eagle on the tower at SL

  607. Steve Doty says:

    Good Afternoon,, back from a long hike looking for pheasants. Saw some shot at one and he laughed when I missed him. Seq. has a SUV. and SL has a fish on the nest (looks like one) and an Eagle on the X-bar.

  608. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    yea!!! for eagle on bar..

  609. Steve Doty says:

    Good wet and rainy morning up here. Only lonely Seq. cam right now. Headed to church. Have a blessed Sunday.

  610. apfiorillo says:

    Seq and WA cam for me – no eagles – have a good day everyone!

  611. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    GM.poor ole wet Seq and black screen at SL..

  612. LKK8 says:

    Poor ole’ soggy Seq, had rained over 3″ that way and still raining. I have SL WC but no eagles yet.

  613. LKK8 says:

    Headed to the GK’s program at church tonight. Looks like it is still raining at Seq. Sleep safe eagles and eagle watchers

  614. apfiorillo says:

    All day all I have had is a rainy cam at Seq – nothing at SL at all – and as far as I can tell you are sending us this rain in a few days

  615. Steve Doty says:

    Good wet morning. wet is better than snow I guess. Still raining. Seq, cam still all blurry. opps just cam clear. opps now cloudy. Whatever.

    • apfiorillo says:

      Seq is indeed a mess – with a flashing green bar across it from time to time – and neither SL cams is opening for me

  616. apfiorillo says:

    Seq is clear now and looks like a better day today – others still black

    • Steve Doty says:

      have SL close-up now—And i’m getting big wet snow flakes but is 37. Hey WA at SL just came and I mean WIDE angle right now.

  617. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    same here. Seq with green bars flashing,SL with black.. well,my main computer went all the way to zip,so I am fortunate to see anything..

  618. Steve Doty says:

    I have all 3 cams and SL WA is very Wide view of the area. No E’s to be seen. Big white snow flakes coming down in Iowa.

  619. apfiorillo says:

    finally the CU cam is working – and there’s some sort of camper truck at Seq

  620. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    hello beautiful eagle on the crossbar at sooner!

  621. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    just flew down, but it looked like a food flight

  622. apfiorillo says:

    bah! I missed the eagle – but I finally have all the cams

  623. kansaskaren says:

    2:38 And I turn on the monitor to frozen close-up view of eagle tailfeathers!!!

    Going to refresh, but may lose it….taking a “snip” just in case.

    I haven’t had the tower all day, till just now.

  624. Steve Doty says:

    All gone now. Glad “you” saw the E.

  625. apfiorillo says:

    I see one now!

  626. apfiorillo says:

    second one just landed on the bar next to the first one

  627. apfiorillo says:

    the one that just landed appears larger than the first one – so perhaps Mom?

  628. apfiorillo says:

    the wide body turned with her tail towards us and a minute later the smaller one did the same

  629. apfiorillo says:

    now he’s turned around again

  630. apfiorillo says:

    movement – small one moved to the left – and now is pushing the big one around – coots swimming by underneath – don’t they know they could be dinner
    small one just dropped down into the nest

  631. apfiorillo says:

    now the second one has come down to the nest
    she’s much larger

  632. apfiorillo says:

    side by side on one of the rails – even the big one’s talons are larger

  633. apfiorillo says:

    I continue the blow by blow – now they are facing off across the nest on different rails – what do you suppose this dance is all about? Is it a true pair or is one of these a new eagle trying to claim a space?

    • kansaskaren says:

      I wish I knew. I hope this late activity will pick up interest in tower nest

      • apfiorillo says:

        good to see you Karen – I felt like I was talking to a void – but it helps the rest to know there’s actually something going on! In another window I am watching a nearly dry waterhole in South Africa… and listening to frogs who think a little drizzle is a wonderful event

  634. kansaskaren says:

    Date night?

  635. apfiorillo says:

    oops – while I was typing one of them moved and I missed it! was it hanky panky?

    • kansaskaren says:

      Can’t see very well, but that would be a possibility.

      • apfiorillo says:

        It’s time for that to start! so I hope so – I thought I saw it once sometime last week – but as usual my computer froze so all I got was a weird photo of feathers – couldn’t tell what really happened

  636. apfiorillo says:

    do you think they will spend the night? glaring at each other across the nest?

    • kansaskaren says:

      Or they may move to another perch nearby.
      If this was a friendly encounter, maybe they’ll cuddle up.

      • apfiorillo says:

        no way to give them a survey to complete is there? did you enjoy it? would you like to repeat this event?

        • kansaskaren says:

          If they’re back tomorrow, maybe we’ll have a hint.
          My supper’s gonna be late, too.
          But I can’t leave while I can see them here.

          • kansaskaren says:

            Wide body on the left? That would support friendly.
            I saw more wing action. Thought maybe someone was leaving.

  637. kansaskaren says:

    I did get a capture, but it’s not clear.

    • apfiorillo says:

      that happens – oh well, we tried – and at least there’s a description of events! glad we were both here! now I should make dinner – start the oven, stick the little birdy in – or we’ll be eating at midnight

  638. kansaskaren says:

    Cam won’t be able to see them much longer.
    If they stay, we likely won’t know, if cam isn’t working.

    • apfiorillo says:

      I can’t see them at all – and I missed the last bit you saw- had to put the bird in the oven – so we’ll see what’s going on at sun-up

    • apfiorillo says:

      been fun, having someone to watch this with me!

      • kansaskaren says:

        I’m glad I was here, too…thanks for the earlier play/play.
        When’s sun-up?….;)

        • apfiorillo says:

          sun-up here in NY State is at 7:16 am – I don’t know how far into the timezone sooner is. Central, closer to the east edge or closer to the west? you are out there, when is it where you are?

          • kansaskaren says:

            I’ll check accuweather, it gives for each location, I believe.
            Stillwater, 7:31 cst
            My house, 7:27 cst

          • apfiorillo says:

            I am looking at the zone map in my telephone book – looks pretty central to me – maybe a bit to the western side – I am definitely on the eastern side of my zone – so I would bet they have sun-up more like 7:45

          • kansaskaren says:

            See above times. Of course, it’s light enough to see before sun-up.

          • kansaskaren says:

            Sunset was @ 5:15 and we were able to see them still at the nest over an hour later.
            Much clearer today later on.

    • apfiorillo says:

      I am going to head out now – catch you in the morning!

  639. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    how in the world did I miss all of this?? Had to take husba to eat at 4 and before that was tracking some orders.. finally sitting down and as it turns out,reading about all I missed..thanks to guys for the snaps.. love it

  640. Steve Doty says:

    Well Well gone playing and helping at bingo at a group home and miss all the E’s and chatter. My day will come. I hope. SED’s. Oh blinking light at SL.

  641. apfiorillo says:

    Daylight is breaking (well, almost) and there are no eagles – I may be just a little late – or they wandered off somewhere else for the night

  642. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning. 3 cams!
    Looks a bit breezy there this morning
    Back later….lost SL cams

    • apfiorillo says:

      hi Karen – I have three also – with green flashing stripes on Seq. breeze seems to be from the right – I have no way of knowing if that’s east, west, north or south!

      • kansaskaren says:

        It’s confusing too, that the SL cams, they seem to be facing opposite directions.
        Could you sleep, wondering about them?

        • apfiorillo says:

          well, one cam is on the crossbar – I think at the left end as you are looking at the WA shot – and at the right end is the light/gear which controls it – but the CU image is what you see from that location so twisted about 90 degrees I think – why you can sometimes see tail feathers peeking down from the upper right corner of CU – it’s a bird on the crossbar overhead

      • kansaskaren says:

        Accuweather says wind is out of the south @ 7:25a.m.
        That makes north..in lower left of Wide cam? and @ the top for the nest.

  643. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning but booo to you with 3 cams. I only have Seq. I take that booo back refreshed and got the cams. LOL. Life is good,

  644. apfiorillo says:

    flotilla of coots swimming past left to right

  645. Steve Doty says:

    back and only 1 cam at each site,.

  646. kansaskaren says:

    4:43 3cams, but both SL froze up right away.
    No eagles, and nothing on the water.

  647. Steve Doty says:

    What happened in Iowa. It’s dark. LOL went down stairs to do a couple of things , come up and WOW. night time. Seq. toooo blurry and SL CU nothing. Time to eat and get ready for the last NCIS of the season I heard. BOO always enjoy them. WELL SED to all.

  648. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning, everyone.
    7:30am SEQ w/green streaks and a whirly & CU

  649. Steve Doty says:

    Hey hey, good morning all 3 cams up and smiling. No eagles but maybe later.??? Off to a nursing home to help with bible study and songs of Christmas.

  650. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    yea!! all 3 cams..no eagles..

  651. kansaskaren says:

    Uh-oh, refreshed and SL wide is a whirling…again.

  652. apfiorillo says:

    both SL cams but no birds!

  653. kansaskaren says:

    After not having the wide cam @ SL for most of the day, it’s working now, & still have a view of the nest.
    In a week we start getting more daylight each day…looking forward to that.

  654. Steve Doty says:

    Well somehow I’m back on. No E’s all day I hear. blinking light at SL.

  655. Barbara Gibson says:

    GM to everyone…. surprise for me … an eagle at SL , just one, but that’s better than none!!

  656. kansaskaren says:

    Nothing to se……..

    SL wide just came on….EAGLE on the tower
    mirror like water.
    What a sight!
    …then lost internet won’t allow me to share…keep trying

  657. Barbara Gibson says:

    And now the eagle is gone:(

    • kansaskaren says:

      i know, & I didn’t think to get a screen shot.
      it was so beautiful.
      Have you ever seen water so still?

  658. Steve Doty says:

    GM No SL WA and no see E. Maybe later.

  659. kansaskaren says:

    Just wondering…
    are any eagle lovers able check in from phones or tablet?
    spotted a few coots or ducks floating by..

    • Steve Doty says:

      Myself only use computer. 2 SL cams, no E’s or Coots. now. Opps here come a flow tiller of them. what ever that means. LOL

      • kansaskaren says:

        what is a flotilla?
        oh google…..

      • apfiorillo says:

        you folks who live inland! what do you know about boats and oceans? flotilla – per Merriam Webster: a fleet of ships or boats; especially : a navy organizational unit consisting of two or more squadrons of small warships.

        • kansaskaren says:

          I should have inquired w/hubster…he was in the navy ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • apfiorillo says:

            mine was a proud Coast-al Guard-ian – he says the Vietnamese never landed on our shores…and he never had to go overseas!

        • Steve Doty says:

          Hey I saw someone else use that term of a flock of coots/ducks before. Picky picky. LOL only one cam now, good night.

          • apfiorillo says:

            I think it was me- the other day…I still can’t figure out why the eagles haven’t been eating coots – they used to – all the time!

            Enjoy your evening

    • apfiorillo says:

      I just brought the Sutton page up on my phone and scrolled down to “Eagle Camera” which got me to a page with the cams – however, they are all black at present; and the most recent chat post is from 12 days ago. Shall have to fiddle with it and see what happens. Later I will try it with my iPad.

  660. apfiorillo says:

    golf ball effect at Seq; close up cam at SL; not a tail feather to be seen.

    I think you people in the middle have sent us your rain. It’s been pouring here all day!

  661. lgnite says:

    Have 2 cams Eagle on nest at SL close view 3:25 pm ๐Ÿ™‚

  662. kansaskaren says:

    just got 3 cams with one huge water drop blurring the closeup view.
    no eagles on the tower.

  663. kansaskaren says:

    Eagle on tower!
    Just landed, 4:20

  664. Steve Doty says:

    Sure it’s dark and SL tower cam blinking me saying Ha Ha, you loose today. Will be in Des Moines picking Jill up for the Christmas. Yes we’ll be shopping before we come home. SED’s

  665. kansaskaren says:

    Good morning.
    Seg is dark, whirly & SL cam

  666. Steve Doty says:

    Morning, bright and sunny in Iowa 27 degrees. Off to pick up Jill in Des Moines home for the Christmas season. 1 cam at SL. empty. BBL.

  667. apfiorillo says:

    beautiful at SL today – the little birdies are swimming under the tower

  668. kansaskaren says:

    We’ll be going mobile, late today, and won’t be back till late Sunday.
    Hope the eagles drop in to entertain you.

  669. Steve Doty says:

    Back home with Jill. Shopped t the Jordon Creek Center in Des Moines. Good to have her home. SL froze still day light. SED’s

  670. Steve Doty says:

    Cams still not on or froze. BBL. 11 degrees in Iowa.

  671. apfiorillo says:

    I have a view of the ground at Seq and a good shot of the CU cam at SL – nothing yet for the WA

    • Steve Doty says:

      Same at seq. SL is same shot from yesterday. “”froze”” ?? I’ll watch shadow to see. LOL nothing else to watch. LOL

  672. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    well,yeah,that is what I got..reckon someone messed with our cam??at
    Seq?? WIND??

  673. apfiorillo says:

    oh looky looky – three cams – but CU hasn’t changed in days -seems windy at SL – and the ground is brown at Seq – but better brown than that white stuff

  674. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    three and no eagles ,windy.. well, whatever will be will be.

  675. Barbara Gibson says:

    New view at Seq. but alas no eagles anywhere. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

  676. Steve Doty says:

    Have a great Sunday.. The SL CU cam is froze same shot as all of yesterday. WA shows the wind. No eagles.

  677. kansaskaren says:

    hopeful for daylight, there’s the flashing light in the middle of SL wide

  678. Steve Doty says:

    Good Morning. Seq. tooooo blurry and SL WA windy. BBL.

  679. apfiorillo says:

    three cams for me – and SL CU looks a little different than yesterday – no eagles though

  680. apfiorillo says:

    coots under the pole – and some flying right to left

  681. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    practically unbelievable.. all 3 cams showing.. no eagles yet,but I guess they are busy with wherever they are going to nest this year..

  682. Steve Doty says:

    Thank you powers to be. The SL cams are back on. Seq. still and will be blurry. E’s put doing Eagle things. LOL

  683. kansaskaren says:

    5:33 both SL cams operating,
    no eagles, but there are food sources floating around the water

  684. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning. Nice ground shot at Seq. LOL SL CU clear. BBL

  685. kansaskaren says:

    Greetings! eagles and eagle hopefuls
    bring materials for nest renovations
    spring is coming

    • Steve Doty says:

      GM “”Spring is coming”” ummmm winter started yesterday. Don’t rush the seasons. Merry Christmas.

  686. Steve Doty says:

    3 Cams up and running, No E’s at this time.

  687. apfiorillo says:

    first chance for me to visit today – only have the WA cam and the nest is empty; light flashing

  688. CurbGirl says:

    SL looks good in the moonlight….and would look even better with eagles…..maybe tomorrow?

  689. apfiorillo says:

    3 cams! no eagles

  690. apfiorillo says:

    coots or other birds under the pole nest!

  691. Steve Doty says:

    1 cam at SL only. At NEFL. Feeding right now of NER5. so cute. Seq. just came. ground shot.

  692. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    SL nest CU looks a little different..

  693. CurbGirl says:

    LKK—thought of you when I put the golden horse shoe on my tree…well, not THE golden horse shoe from circle 4 ranch but you get my drift!

  694. Steve Doty says:

    Good morning on this Christmas eve day. 2 cams no E’s. Pam and I wish you the best on this Joyous time of the year. Our family will all be be by early afternoon. Enjoy yours as well. May Santa be good to you. Well most of you. LOL

  695. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    GM to all and have a Merry Christmas Eve to go with your Merry Christmas tomorrow..

  696. Sydney Greenroyd says:

    Merry Christmas to all my eagle lover friends!

  697. kansaskaren says:

    Christmas joys for all!

  698. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    whistle whistle..Eagle on bar.at SL thank you for Merry Christmas Eve..

  699. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    cam froze and when refresh,that cam won’t come in

  700. Steve Doty says:

    Only 1 cam up in the moon light. No E’s on the bar. Back from Christmas Eve church and we have made a batch of Pretzel rod caramel /chocolate sticks. ummm good. Turkey is done, now to slice it up and do the ham tomorrow,. Tomorrow party potatoes and shrimp dip. Yes our family likes to eat and open presents,. Good night and Merry Christmas to all.

  701. apfiorillo says:

    Merry Christmas everyone – only the WA cam for me tonight and nothing to be seen there

  702. Steve Doty says:

    Merry Christmas to all. 3 beautiful cams up with no E’s or coots. Off to Christmas service then home to get ready for Christmas.

  703. Barbara Gibson says:

    Barbara Gibson

    Merry Christmas everyone! have 3 cams and no eagles. Have a blessed day all and be safe!

  704. apfiorillo says:

    No creatures were stirring, not even a coot! All three cams up – bright and sunny at SL. Merry Christmas everyone.

  705. apfiorillo says:

    aah, the closeup cam finally loaded – but nothing there

  706. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    and again I saySQUAT.. one of them could at least come say Merry Christmas…

  707. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    454 pm and an eagle on cross bar at SL// but the timer deally at top isn’t moving since 4:53 so I d on’t know for how long,but Thanks be to the above for this sighting..

    • Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

      and at 5:02 a smaller joins the eagle there..is this a couple?? I don’t know. the one is quite a bit larger in appearance..

      • kansaskaren says:

        They say the female is the larger.
        There’s certainly a difference easily seen when they are side by side.
        Sure wish they’d nest where we can view.

      • kansaskaren says:

        uh-oh, cam froze again.
        Risk refreshing…

        • kansaskaren says:

          Now have a whirly on wide cam.
          Seq is trying to focus…
          maybe it’s the change in the light that triggers this.

  708. kansaskaren says:

    5:22 a pair of eagles setting proudly on the crossbar.
    Merry Christmas

  709. okmeme says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone. Too dark to see anything on the 2 cams that are up.

  710. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    so thankful to get to see both eagles today or this evening.. Icing on the Christmas cake..

    • kansaskaren says:

      It was a nice surprise…keep hoping the cam will come back on with a night view like the past couple of nights. It’s cloudy tho, so maybe not going to happen.

  711. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    They are off doing eagle things again,but it was so good to see them..

  712. kansaskaren says:


  713. kansaskaren says:

    now only Seq, whirly, & frozen CU@ SL
    no eagles

  714. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    maybe one will come back or both.. we can dream./.

  715. kansaskaren says:

    3pm SL wide cam just came on….
    mercy me, the wind looks fierce!
    the nest or the cam is rockin’
    Stay safe out there eagles, and eagle fans

  716. apfiorillo says:

    raindrops keep fallin on my cams…well, the CU cam anyway – WA is MIA – Seq is brown ground

  717. apfiorillo says:

    now I have all the cams but no birds; quite a gale blowing at the lake

  718. apfiorillo says:

    stream not found on all four this morning! that weather must have been bad last night

    • kansaskaren says:

      Bad, and getting worse!
      Winter weather advisory for SL today, snow & ice already.
      Areal flood warnings for SEQ.
      Good morning for all to stay warm & dry

    • kansaskaren says:

      Blue screen @ SEQ
      Hope weather doesn’t damage cam equipment and they’ll be good as new once this weather moves on.

  719. kansaskaren says:

    good morning everyone
    hope all in path of this storm are/stay safe
    sun in forecast for Seq & SL tomorrow

  720. Steve Doty says:

    Good afternoon. we are in for ,6-10 inches. just snow blowed my driveway with the first few inches. No cams all down with “snow” ??Just made scallip ?potatoes and ham.

  721. apfiorillo says:

    hope everyone is warm and dry – a little snow on the ground here in the northeast but now it’s sleeting on top of it – I have decided not to go visit the Social Security office today but to wait until tomorrow when maybe the roads will be dry! And still no cams to watch…

  722. Patricia(Pat) Pleasant says:

    Here we are again..no cams.. can only hope..Stay safe everyone.

  723. Steve Doty says:

    Yep no cams. and we have NO heat. 59 inside. Called and they MAY get here today could be tomorrow,.