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Quail for Sale


About our quality quail...

We offer Japanese (genus Coturnix) quail for sale to falconers, reptile owners, wildlife rehabilitation facilities, zoos and others who may have need of a quality food source for animals. Our quail are raised on wire in a building specially designed and operated for raising large numbers of quail. Our birds are eight to 10 weeks old (fully adult), healthy, with fat (which is necessary for vitamin A and E storage). They receive a custom feed diet which includes extra Vitamin E.

Our quail are not intended for human consumption, and are packed as whole, unprocessed carcasses.

Our weight guarantee on your quail order...

Our quail are sold on the basis of an average weight of 5.5 oz. per bird. Each group of 50 quail is weighed and compared against a total expected weight of 17.19 lbs. (275 ounces). If a batch of 50 birds weighs less than 275 ounces, we will add more quail so that the proper weight is reached.

We will send a full 50 quail even if their weight exceeds the target. Weight variations within the same genetic stock can occur as a result of ambient temperatures or numbers of birds raised per enclosure. If you have any type of dissatisfaction with our quail, please do not hesitate to let us know.  (Please call 918-336-7778 Monday-Friday between 800 AM and 4:30 PM Central Time.)

Thank you!

Products and Quantities...

Frozen quail are sold in lots of 50. 
Our quail are not intended for human consumption, and are packed as whole, unprocessed carcasses.

Current pricing is as follows (new prices effective June 1, 2015 due to increasing production costs):

  • $3.00 per bird; sold in lots of 50 birds

Live quail are also available, but may only be picked up (not shipped) and may be purchased for the prices above, although no minimum quantity is set for live purchases. Our quail are not native to the U.S. and are not intended for release.

Fertile quail eggs are also available. Prices are:

  • $0.40 each, plus shipping and handling

We cannot guarantee hatching because of factors in shipping and incubation over which we have no control.

Order pick-ups and delivery

You must call ahead for an appointment if you wish to pick up your quail at our Bartlesville, Oklahoma facility. (918) 336-7778  UPS shipping is also available for frozen quail.  

Shipping and Handling

We do not set our shipping and handling charges to make a profit, but rather to cover our costs for packaging and shipping our quail. Frozen quail are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes lined with 1-inch thick insulating foam on all six sides, and are packed with dry ice.

We ship quail on non-holiday Mondays.

We will calculate shipping and handling charges for each order and bill you accordingly.  Charges will vary based on destination. Orders shipping to destinations within the one or two day UPS ground delivery zone from our Bartlesville, Oklahoma facility are shipped UPS ground (see yellow and brown regions on the map below).

Orders shipped outside this zone are sent UPS 2-day delivery, which is considerably more expensive. Call or e-mail us for a shipping and handling quote for your order (please include the number of quail you wish to purchase and your ship-to city, state, and ZIP code).

Ordering Information

Prepayment is required by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), check (allow time for checks to clear), or cash. Personal checks are not accepted for pick-up orders unless sent in ahead of time to clear. Orders or inquiries may be phoned in to 918-336-7778 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time. Inquiries may also be e-mailed to jcoleman@ou.edu.

One- to two-day UPS Ground Delivery Zones from our location (yellow and brown regions).

UPS Ground Delivery Zone from Bartlesville, OK