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Satellite transmitters let you follow the movements of Bald Eagles hatched in Oklahoma.

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Watch a live feed of our national symbol, majestic Bald Eagles, as they raise their young.

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It's All About Birds

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The George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center's educational program, "IT'S ALL ABOUT BIRDS" is an exciting presentation involving live, trained birds that fly down to the stage right over the audience, and sometimes perform with participating audience members in an auditorium-styled, theme park-type experience.

This free-flight bird show is intended to educate, entertain, inspire and awe. Accompanied by rear-projected images, video, and music, the show is great fun for school kids and adults alike. It illustrates environmental conservation principles in a manner that is not only very entertaining  but is also educational  and designed to fulfill Oklahoma's state educational objectives.

Those who have seen this new program, which includes over a dozen species of native and exotic feathered friends, are already asking when they can bring their friends and see it again. Designed to help inform students as well as the public about the role birds play in the natural world, this program is currently touring middle schools throughout Oklahoma.

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